Sunday, April 2, 2017

The other shadow presidency

Don't forget to call home,ET

One thing I don't like is the other shadow presidency. We have covered the one by Barrack Obama but now there is another one. The one by Ivanka Trump. When she was asked if she was going to be an adviser when she moved into the White House. She said she was there to be a daughter. She played it off very cutesy. I don't find it "cutesy" I take it as troublesome. Daughters have tremendous influence over their fathers and Ivanka is a feminist. She has admitted that to us. We've been getting loud and proud when it comes to men's rights and telling her father about it. I'm sure that has her very concerned. We can cause problems for the matriarchy and they know it. In fact we are very good at it. I like causing problems for the matriarchy especially big problems. I like keeping them up at night. This is a problem but not a major one. We've fried feminists before and this is no exception. Ivanka,if you are reading this,this song is dedicated to you:

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