Saturday, November 25, 2017

I found this interesting

I was reading about the death of Thomas Doheny and I found this comment from a poster with the screen name "nomoremaxistsinDC"who claims to seen the inside of the family court racket and he posted the following:

Did you know that the more monies awarded, collected and enforced by the courts, is rewarded by the federal government with child support enforcement funding of 66 cents-$3.00 for every dollar awarded, collected and enforced? See Title 42 USC Sections 651-669 (Federal Child Support Enforcement Act), specifically 42 USC Section 666 showing how its done. Read specifically 42 USC Section 658a which is called the Federal Reimbursement Incentive to the States. It shows that the states receive billions from the Feds for support collections and enforcement. The more money they can extort from parents, the more money the state makes. If a state like Illinois collects $1 BILLION in child support (including enforcement and collection costs) they stand to receive $3 BILLION from the Feds (US TAXPAYERS!!!!!!). The federal statutes say that the states can use the money any way they see fit. It doesn't go to the children, but to help try and balance the state employee pensions. And, who are the first people paid out of state employee pensions???? Judges, child support workers, law enforcement, politicians!!!!!!

The US Supreme Court in Tumey v. Ohio, Ward v. Monroeville, Caperton vs. Massey, etc. have said that judges sitting on cases where they have a financial interest in the outcome of those cases, must disqualify/recuse themselves for unconstitutional conflicts of interest, otherwise it is fraud and extortion and their orders are nullified.

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