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Thursday, January 9, 2020

Elizabeth Warren embraces misandry

2020 presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren appealed to young women with a plethora of life advice in a video Wednesday, saying, “Dump the guy who ghosted you.”

The Massachusetts senator discussed “everything from student debt to reproductive rights” in an exclusive video with Elle titled “I’ve Got A Plan For That.”

The video features questions that Elle readers submitted for Warren, such as, “I’ve been casually dating a guy for the past three months, but now he’s ghosting me. He won’t return my texts, but he still looks at all my Instagram Stories. What do I do?”

“Give him up,” Warren said in the video. “You’re too good for him. If he wants to go silent, let him go. He is not the one for you.”

“You’re better than that,” she whispered. Warren tweeted out the video with the caption, “You deserve better. Dump the guy who ghosted you, convince the roommate to let you adopt a dog, and I’ll take care of canceling your student loan debt!”

You deserve better. Dump the guy who ghosted you, convince the roommate to let you adopt a dog, and I'll take care of canceling your student loan debt!

Elizabeth Warren Wants You to Ditch That Guy, Get a Dog, and Vote to Tax the Rich
In an exclusive video with ELLE.com, Warren answers reader questions because—if you haven't heard—she has a plan for that.

Another reader posed the question to Warren, “I really want a dog, but my roommate isn’t into the idea. How do I convince her?”

Warren suggested bringing the reluctant roommate along to the dog shelter to convince her that a dog is a good idea.

“Make it specific, and you’ll have a roommate who will be into a dog.”

The 2020 presidential candidate also discussed a question on student loan debt, promising to eradicate student debt, and suggested that to take the perfect selfie, you should “stop thinking about yourself.”

“When you go back and look at the selfies later on, what you mostly remember is what a great time you had,” Warren said. “For me, selfies are about fun. So have some fun!”


Warren is making the same mistake Hillary made by dismissing or discounting the male vote. If I were a democrat I would be angry that Warren is playing the misandry card. This move will backfire on her and cost her support from men.

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