Friday, April 27, 2007

Cases like these....

....slip out of Perverted Justice's hands a lot or never get on their radar in the first place. I'm betting on the latter since since they have stated they practice misandry. Everyone wants on the misandry bandwagon and they don't give a fuck about kids,all they give a fuck about is hurting men that's it.

Check it out:

Rebecca Rogers

Livermore teacher arrested for alleged online talks with her student

By Sophia Kazmi


Apr 26:

Teacher faces online predator chargeApr 25:

Teacher sent lewd IMs, police sayLIVERMORE -- An eighth grade teacher at a private school has been arrested after allegedly having inappropriate Internet conversations with one of her male students.

Our Saviors Lutheran School teacher Rebecca Rogers, 24, of San Ramon was arrested April 17 at the Livermore police department on suspicion of contacting or communicating with a minor for purpose of engaging in certain lewd and lascivious behavior , according to a police news release. She was booked at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin and has been since released on bail.

The Alameda County District Attorney's Office has not yet filed charges, but Rogers has a tentative court date Monday in Pleasanton. Livermore police have been going through Rogers computer and trying to figure out the extent of the communications, said Lt. Scott Trudeau.

"It's hard to tell," Trudeau said. "We're going through all of the computer evidence (to find out) when it started and how it started and who might have been the one who initiated it."

Trudeau said he did not want to comment on whether there was physical relationship.

The school's staff called police on April 17 to notify after the parents of a student found instant messages of a sexual nature, according to a police news release. The school's principal declined to comment on Rogers or the police investigation. Rogers began teaching at Our Saviors Lutheran this school year, Trudeau said.

Based on what investigators have recovered from Rogers computer, "she had been extensively with the student via instant messaging," the release stated. Several of the messages sent to the student from her computer were inappropriate and sexual in nature.

Contra Coastal Times

There is one thing I would like to comment on and it is this statement from one of the investigating officers:

"It's hard to tell," Trudeau said. "We're going through all of the computer evidence (to find out) when it started and how it started and who might have been the one who initiated it."

This doen't come up when men are accused of being inappropriate with alledged young girls. No,in fact everybody trods out the old mantra: "men=perpetrator,woman=victim" whether that is the case or not. MSNBC has done this "to catch a perpetrator" all across the country so it's hard to believe that they would have missed California since they have done numerous "to catch a predator" episodes there. Nope,not that.

You see it's all about misandry. It's all about getting men. Getting men. Getting men at all costs. It never was about protecting children you see. For if it were female pedophiles would be punished just as severely as thier male counterparts. No,they don't give a fuck about children. Or at least male children. Male children matter the least to them.

Isn't it about protecting people from rapists? Nope,not if it's protecting men from female or homosexual rapists it isn't whether these homosexual rapists are doing this inside or outside of prison doesn't matter if the victims are men and/or boys. If the rapists are women society equally doesn't give a flying fuck either.

Nope,it's all about getting men. Organized misandry for the bloodlust of the masses.


Anonymous said...

One problem. Not guilty. School did not go to the parents. Parents came with a concern. Search of cell phone data, laptop, and all other revealed NOTHING close to a sexual nature. Parents of the alleged victim did not want files charged or want police involved. Research before judgement.

Masculist Man said...

I'm going with the information I have. If you have an update on this case post it and I'll publish it.