Saturday, April 7, 2007

What the fuck is up with Quentin Tarantino?

"I'm looking for a dominatrix to beat my ass black and blue."

All of his movies have a misandric twist to them:

First there was Kill Bill.

Then there was Kill Bill Vol.2.

Now there is Grindhouse.

I had a bad feeling about Grindhouse but didn't want to say or write anything until there was a confirmation and now I have it,from the Inland Empire Weekly an excerpt from a review:

"Horrible things happen to testicles—in the course of the film, they're severed, stepped on, lesioned, pickled, and dissolved."

This mangina seems to thrive on male pain and anti-male bias as he champions both. I guess in an effort to appease females. Like most of Hollywood he doesn't give a shit about male pain and suffering so in retaliation I say why should I pay to see one his movies? Why should I put money in his pocket and why should I enrich and encourage misandry? Want to avoid misandry? I suggest you rent or buy In The Company Of Men and kick Tarantino and his ilk to the curb.


Anonymous said...

After 40 years of constant Sexist Feminist propaganda, it is a miracle to even have a small amount of intelligent people still exist to see the sexist feminist misandrist double standard. Feminism is based on hate, and his movies promote feminist hate for a brain-dead audience who are incapable of thought.

For equality to even begin, girls and only girls must be sent to fight wars for the next million years to make up for men sacrificing their lives. The dangerous jobs should only go to the girls to make up for mens' suffering.

Harry said...

QT is a Mangina! He was raised by a sick feminist who likes her men weak and submissive.

Anonymous said...

For equality to even begin, men like that guy above should be executed at will. 99% of all men should be killed off at once.
For equality to even begin, men and only men should be made to bear children in their bellies and experience periods per month along with all sorts of regular gender violence and sexual assaults.

Masculist Man said...

I hope you realize they can do a trace of your IP address and you can be arrested for attempted racketeering. If you are in the United States I can sic the FBI on you and you will go to federal prison. Not only that I can also persue civil litigation thus dragging you through the muck. Not only that but you posted a terrorist threat which is a felony and you can be imprisoned. I'm turning this over to the authorities.

Masculist Man said...

The FBI and INTERPOL have been advised of what you said.