Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Your love burns

Woman Convicted in Husband's Acid Murder

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

LOS ANGELES - A biochemist who killed her husband by knocking him out and pouring hydrochloric acid on him was convicted Wednesday of first-degree murder.
A Superior Court jury found Larissa Schuster, 47, of Clovis, guilty of murdering Timothy Schuster with the special circumstance that the murder was committed for financial gain. His half-dissolved body was found a few days after his 2003 death in a barrel that was inside a storage unit that his wife had rented.

Schuster faces a mandatory term of life in prison without parole at sentencing, set for Jan. 16.
Defense attorney Roger Nuttall declined to comment to The Fresno Bee after the hearing. A call to his office by The Associated Press seeking comment after the verdict was not immediately returned.

Jury selection began in October in Fresno. The trial was moved to Los Angeles after a judge ruled there was too much media attention in Fresno County to be able to find an impartial jury.
The Schusters co-owned a chemical lab and were in the midst of a bitter divorce.
Prosecutors said Larissa Schuster and her former lab assistant kidnapped her 45-year-old husband on July 10, 2003, knocked him out with a stun gun and chloroform-soaked rag, then dumped his bound body headfirst into a barrel while he was still breathing.
The assistant, James Fagone, told authorities that Larissa Schuster then poured hydrochloric acid into the 55-gallon container.

Fagone said Schuster paid him $2,000 to help rob and assault her husband but he didn't know murder was planned. Schuster testified that Fagone killed her husband by accident and that she only helped dispose of the body.

Fagone was convicted in December 2006 of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

(Sorry,can't post the link because that would mean that my ISP be known and I won't do that. But is an AP story so google it.)


Anonymous said...

They finally convicted her. Took them along time. She was free for 4 years since (and working I hear). If she used a shotgun she would have gotten off. I guess a man must die a brutal agonising death to be avenged in America.

Anonymous said...

Somebody else got burned this week... bad. Femcunt Steele, and she admits it:

Dum bitch.

Way 2 go luke



We all complain that the fembitches use our own tax dollars against us. Now we can generate some money to. Go to Bob's website and click on the GOOGLE ad on his home page. Every time to click, a little bit goes toward Men's rights and free speech.

You don't have to buy... just click! So click early and click often!

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Masculist Man: Put on some google ads and we'll click yours too!!!

Anonymous said...

When sining up for google ads you have to give them your social security number (for tax purposes) so... well now you're not anon anymore.

Bob said...

Hi guys. Thanks for clicking the Google ads. Google policy will ban the ads if the page tells people to click them to get income for the blogger, but an advocacy elsewhere is appreciated.

Google doesn't really require identification for the author of the web page. What they do require the name and address of someone who they can send the money to. I guess that makes sense. If they are sending money they need someone to send it to.

I still have no idea how much the ads pay, or if they make any significant money at all. My site only gets a couple hundred views per day, so maybe a couple hundred hits on the ads per month? Don't know how much they pay per hundred hits. I guess I'll find out one of these days.

Thanks again.

Blessings to all MEN!


Bob said...

The fembitch used a "stun gun" on her husband. Translate that "Taser." Advertising Tasers for sale to wives has been a big news story lately. I see the fembitches are already using them to murder husbands. Once Tasered, she has several minutes to tie, chain, knife, bledgeon, etc. before he can move again.

No wife should be allowed to own deadly weapons like Tasers.

Anonymous said...

Only men should own weapons. The constitution should only apply to Men. Was there a time when females weren't considered citizens or something to that nature in the USA?

Anonymous said...

MM: I sent you a few emails at your yahoo acc (Mike)

Masculist Man said...

My other blog has been updated.

Robin Steele said...

So has mine:

Robin Steele Apologizes to Chris Key

"The third, and my favorite, reason for respecting Chris Key is that he banished Masculist Man to Troll Town(!). As a fallen citizen with troll status, he can no longer sit at the adult table, and must now sit at the rickety card table with his rubber sword and eat humble MasciePie all alone. How great is that?"

Uncharted Thoughts said...

Wow that has to be the worst end to a marriage I've ever heard of.

I wonder if bitches are getting more and more violent and crazy? Or is it the same as always, just we are hearing about it more often in the news?

Masculist Man said...

Robin Steele and Chris Key,political comrades in arms.

Anonymous said...

Masculist Man, what do you think the late, great FredX would make of this whole situation? He was about the only real mra that ever existed, and I hope and pray he returns one day, as he was a crusader for justice if there ever was one. Please ask him to return Masc, he is needed.

Robin Steele said...

Great idea to line your pockets through GOOGLE Adwords. Brilliant!

I had a great idea, too. What if I let advertisers know where their ads were appearing? Hmmm... I emailed a CEO tonight and he emailed back almost immediately. He pulled his $3K/month advertising program until Google could assure him his ads would never appear on your site.

One for one. I wonder how much it will cost GOOGLE before they ban you from the program? Advertisers will continue to exercise their right to not associate with haters.

I posted his letter on my site. Perhaps you and Mikee can commiserate together.

Masculist Man said...

Masculist Man, what do you think the late, great FredX would make of this whole situation? He was about the only real mra that ever existed, and I hope and pray he returns one day, as he was a crusader for justice if there ever was one. Please ask him to return Masc, he is needed.

Don't cause division,I won't stand for it.

Anonymous said...

Luke introduces himself on the nice guy forum and immediatly gets attacked:

He might be one of those eeeevil radical men's liberty people! Better cool his jets!

QUOTE(PlasmaSphere @ Dec 16 2007, 09:56 AM) *

A new member, specifically mentioning other members by name, in his introduction. That is suspicious, to say the least, and it concerns me.

I invite you to search my name and read my postings. "The Objectification of Men" is one of my favorites, though, for some reason, none of my stuff is in "The Best Of" section. I guess I'll have to make a shadow account like most others do in order to get posted in there.

Enough of my ramblings, though. Should you be a troll, your judgment and exile will be swift. If you are sincere, you'll be welcomed here.

Rational thought does not a conformist make.

Anonymous said...

Drew J says marrying women younger then you makes you less of a man:

[quote]Bingo. It's what Paul McCartney did and now he got taken for millions. Don't marry women who are half your age. It is not smart. It's thinking with your ego and your penis. It's being a mangina. By and large, age gaps like this don't make for lasting relationships. By and large.[/quote]

[quote]It's being a mangina[/quote]

No, piece of shit, it's following the correct biological urge. The only mistake Paul made was not going for a younger female. Girls should be married off once they are able to have children, not later then they are 18, 20, 25 etc.

Luke Skywalker said...

If that's what Drew J says, then Drew J is an idiot.

Yan Yan has two Philippine wives, one of which is something like 30 years younger than he is, and their family has been working out just fine.

The problem is the feminazi divorce racket, not older men with younger women.

Anonymous said...

I believe that this woman should have her finger and toes cut off (publically), then her hands and feet, then her legs and arms up to the knees / elbows and then the legs and arms up to the joint cut off. Then she should be burned alive (publically).

The man should be shot in the head twice.

Anonymous said...

The Current Gender paradigm runs contrary to biology. Vivid example the Sister of Britney Spears is with Child. She is 16, her older sister began having intercourse at 14. I would suggest that is too early. And that Young Women should be trained to become Mothers and Wives.

Instead having an endless parade of Bad Boys, Players, Pick Up Artists, Thugs and Meth Chemists is hardly recommended for a stable or sane life. Then when they deem it is time and their fertility and looks are fading decide to find a Mangina to rescue them.

Men are asked to be the 100th Sex Partner of a STD infested, Anti depressant using Tramp. Men are saying no thanks.

It has also become evident that Women are increasing resorting to lethal force to settle arguments. They are not fearing the same punishment as Men doing the same crime. Especially attractive Women are getting the Vagina Pass for their misbehaving ways.

Debra LaFave pled she was too pretty to go to jail. And got probation and House arrest.

Anonymous said...

looks like that bitch steele got bob kicked off the google advertising program. i went to click on the ads and their all gone.

we should get that stupid cunts site shut down.

Anonymous said...

The best strategy to employ with Robin Stalin is to ignore and stop posting on her blog. Leave her alone. She is running a parody blog anyway. Calling herself a Men's Rights Activist. While earlier supporting IMBRA and declaring it just the beginning. She is an out and out fraud.

Note how when Feminists cannot get their way their first course of action is to censor Men's postings or try to shut down their Free Speech. Femifascism is what Robin and her Gal Pal Ginmar endorse, advocate and support. Ginmar has been banned from some Feminists blogs as an Extremist.

Anonymous said...

Didn't i see at antimisandry we just tryed to get ginmar shut down? And didnt we ban that crazy guy and lots of others? ginmars a man-hating psyco but we look like hippocrits when we attack steel for doing one thing while were doing the same thing. would she be alowed to share her opinions there or would she be baned for saying her mind.

Im not saying we should im saying wee should pick our battles and not talk out both sides of our ass.

we should hold ourselves be at a higher level than our enemies and i also think that anonymous saying ignore them makes us look like cowards or afraid. Ignoring enemies is never smart we ignored what was going on in europe and the pacific and then learned a lesson at Pearl Harbor. the first time in iraq we left without finishing the job and ignored sadam hussien and then had 9-11 and had to invade again. you reap what you sew and if you watch the histery channl yuou see it over and over.

Anonymous said...

"The best strategy to employ with Robin Stalin is to ignore and stop posting on her blog. Leave her alone."
Leave HER alone? Do you think she'll leave US alone? I don't think she cares about who posts to her site or she wouldn't attack every commenter. She's like a pit bull bitch. She set her sites on Mikee and got his ads pulled and his site taken down. She went after Bob's adclick program and I went there to send him a few bucks by clicking on them and they're all gone.
Ignoring her is like saying just ignore that rabid dog rushing at you.

Anonymous said...

I work with Google AdWords where I work. AdWords is the program for site publishers, Adsense is the program for Advertisers.

If she did get Bob banned, he won't ever be able to use the program again. There's no appeal, nothing, and they keep the billing info, his SS#, and his site URLs and will deny any further applications. Check their forums and you'll see lots of pissed off people. If he did get banned, they will keep any revenue he generated and he won't see a penny of it.

Bob did blatantly violate their site content and most basic guidelines. He can join an affiliate program like Commission Junction and pick his advertisers. But you've got to do your homework and not just

Anonymous said...

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Luke Skywalker said...

Masculist Man,

Chris Key apologized to you and let you out of Troll City.

Masc, I totally suggest that you accept his apology and that you three --you, him, and DCM -- move on with it and resume your position as one of the most brutally effective MRA anti-feminist trios out there.

Doug said...

Here's what Chris Key said;

"Masculist Man,

The comments I made about your intellect were unacceptably rude, counterproductive and inexcusable. It's why I believe it is a necessity to apologise to you. I'm sorry for speaking about your intellect. I should have shown more tact.

Since you're not causing trouble under the Troll City Forum, I have reinstated your posting privileges. You're free to disagree with other members and state your opinion, but only if you do so in a civilised manner. The usage of insults and/or threatening language will lead to your banishment to this forum"

Hardly an apology. He is only sorry about the intellect issue, not about 99% banning you and taking sides with a feminazi. Chris Key is not a real leader, I wouldn't bother with him, especially since he has not banned Elf or other feminazis, plus he has not admitted he was absolutely wrong to even consider banning you in the first place.

Chris Key can go blow smoke up his ass. my opinion here. I am sticking with this blog and will not sign Chris Keys forum ever.

Doug said...

And Masc, the coward Chris Key is still demanding you remain civil. This would never have happened in the old days of the mrm blogosphere. Too many manginas, we need Fred back, and Rob Fedders too for good measure. Real men with substance.

Masculist Man said...


DCM already posts on my message board so we have a veteran MRA there,also other MRA's are welcome to post here and there. Besides,last week I resigned from his forum and Key has pulled this stunt before.


Yes,you're right and I'm not goingt to play his game as that is why I left.

Bob said...

Anonymous said: Bob did blatantly violate their site content and most basic guidelines.

First, Bob did not blatantly violate AdSense basic guidelines. Ms. Steele's accusation of "fraud" was demonstrably false. Adsense agreement prohibits any directives on the site suggesting readers click on the ads, but advertising the site on other sites is normal business practice. AdSense sells lots of ads doing just that.

Second, Bob has not been banned from AdSense. They objected to one of Bob's opinions published in 2006. Google is very feminist at heart and uses misandrist political screening to decide what opinions to allow. Bob's AdSense account is still open and AdSense ads may appear on other web pages.

Bob has decided to sign up with another advertising provider. There are many other firms that compete with AdSense.

It is reminiscent of a few years ago when AOL banished Bob for objecting to feminist hate on chat rooms. Firms who base their policy on hate and prejudice eventually drive off all their customers, no matter how big they think they are.

What is needed is a new article called "AdSense Sucks." I'm sure it would increase traffic and clicks. My other article "HughesNet Sucks" has been a continual favorite.

Robin Steele said...

You keep lying and I'll keep exposing you for the fraud you are. Google clearly prohibits asking people to click on your ads period - no matter how or where you do it. The reason is that they assure their advertisers they are paying for clicks from people interested in their specific offers - not from pals of the site owner with no intention to buy.
Anyone who knows AdWords knows they don't ban pages - they ban people and once you're gone, you're gone. Do a search on "banned from adwords" and you'll find lots of unhappy banishees who violated far less blatantly than Bob.
So Bob contends he willingly traded down to It had nothing to do with Robin Steele's supporters contacting Google about his violations. Believe that, and I'll introduce you to a deposed Nigerian dictator who wants to send you $10M.
So Robin Steele readers contacted about Bob's violation of their site content policies. And guess what? Their cheesy ads disappeared! But again, it wasn't because Bob got banned. Oh no. It was because Bob decided that he didn't want to "detract" from his messages of hate by commercialization. Here's Bob's post:
Tuesday, December 25, 2007
Note to Readers
Bob has decided that the ads detract from the message of The World According to Bob. For a while at least the ads will be discontinued. Ads may be returned at some later date when or if Bob decides that they are warranted. Thank you to all who have supported advertisers.


Robin Steele said...

Masc Man: How are you and Luke coming with that list of your tangible accomplishments in 14 years of "Activism"? I am waiting to post the tribute to you.

FOURTEEN YEARS, MasciePie. Just toss out the highlights for us here, please.

I want to be the first to announce your appointment as the leader of the MRIs: Men's Rights Inactivists.

Luke Skywalker said...

Both Masc in his 14 (nearly 15) years and I in my one year have had achievements as MRA's.

The reason why you're not receiving lists from either of us is because we refuse to humor you.

You pretend that you're exposing Bob, but in reality it is you who have been exposed by both Fidelbogen and myself.

You even admit having been exposed, but then all you can come up with is "Oh no, I didn't write that!" when clearly the evidence shows that you did.

You remind me of the kid on America's funniest home videos where his mom asks him "Did you eat those cookies?" and then the kid says "No!" while there is cookie all over his lying lips.

The only fraud here is you, and I am totally disgusted with you.

Robin Steele said...

Luke: "We refuse to humor you" would be valid if there were any evidence, or a trace, of accomplishment posted on any of your sites. Face it, you are MRI's: Men's Rights Inactivists. Do you want to be "refusing to humor" your critics in 14 years, or do you want to have a series of tangible accomplishments to rattle off? You think I'm the enemy, but I criticize you to try to get through to you. Leaving your stereo up loud in your dorm room and running to the cafeteria for a smoothie is not activism.
Prepare to be more disgusted with me, Luke. Because the real, mundane story behind your and fiddleboner's time-wasting conspiracy theory masterpieces has finally been told. I'm afraid the Nobel committee's going to have to look to the first runner up.

Sorry, Luke. I felt bad about all the work you did on this wild goose chase. After I saw all the praise you got from the Men's Rights Inactivists boys club... even the prominent link from your hero, Masculisp Man... I didn't want to burst your bubble... especially by letting you know that there actually IS an Athena Y, and she played you like a fiddlebogen.

Ever know that corporations using a network server provide the same IP address for many computers? And that even if you have a computer's IP it doesn't identify who is using it. You got played, boy. But you've got time. You're a college kid. It's probably too late for Masciepie, Blob and Khrank since they're about ready for the Old Masculist Home.

The truth is a lot more boring than this convoluted conspiracy hodge podge you put together - and that crazy stuff from that Feminist counter blog guy too... Sorry, there's no Santa. No Rudolph. No Femzilla to blame for your creepiness. And no evil Robin Steele FemiNazi trying to blend with the gang.

But I just wanted to give you the heads up in case you kept referring to your expose of Robin Steele as a great success after the mundane truth was already posted here:

Look on the bright side... you've still got the Emasculist site... unless that's Athena Y, too. And how were you to know that hundreds of computers can have the same IP address?

Now go blast Mancast on your computer like a good little MRI. Maybe you'll annoy Mommy & Daddy's neighbors and you can tell your MRI pals how the Stalinist neighbor oppressors yelled at you to shut the fuck up and threatened to call the blue gun thugs because they are so nervous of the unstoppable power of the MRI, led by powerful visionaries like Khrank ("just ignore her. she hurt me feelings. Did I tell you I own 3 LLCS?") and MasciPie ("Today America, Tomarrow the World!") and Bob "Dude, Where's My Ads?" Allen ("The tied has turned!").

Bob said...

Bitch Stalin is really having a total melt down. None of her attacks have done much good. She's resorted to posting "anonymous" lies on her own articles. She may even be delusional enough to believe that her anonymous lies are "true."

Men just laugh at her insane drivel. And her corporate boss is starting to wonder how she spends her afternoons when she's supposed to be working on InterMune's problems.

It's fun to watch the total meltdown of an old fat misandrist sow with mental problems.

Anonymous said...

Bitch Stalin is really having a total melt down. None of her attacks have done much good. She's resorted to posting "anonymous" lies on her own articles. She may even be delusional enough to believe that her anonymous lies are "true."

Men just laugh at her insane drivel. And her corporate boss is starting to wonder how she spends her afternoons when she's supposed to be working on InterMune's problems.

It's fun to watch the total meltdown of an old fat misandrist sow with mental problems.

Ha! Right on. It's getting to the point I have to hold my sides from aching. And to think, we'll continue to get plenty rations of gut-wrenching laughter!

Masculist Man said...

especially by letting you know that there actually IS an Athena Y, and she played you like a fiddlebogen.

Then why did you sign "Athena Y" at the end of the post while still signed in as "Robin Steele"?