Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Feedback from To Catch A Predator

Out of morbid curiosity I decided to look at the To Catch A Predator (TCAP) on the MSNBC webpage and read the comments section,some were supportive of the misandry and others were just really hysterical in supporting it:

I think you should do this in every city....but you have to think about it, if these predators are smart enough to use the net, witch is so easy for them...what about the ones that don't have the internet...they are still out there looking for ways to get at our kids. Never stop doing this, you have already saved many kids. And the predators will never stop showing up. I fear my daughter may fall victim someday because they never give up.
And as far as intrapment goes thats a bunch of crap...I cannot even go in a chat room titled sewing and crafts, without pop up after pop up from some sickO trying to send pic and talk about sex, and my profile says I'm 44. No chatroom topic is what it says it is, all the chatrooms are full of sickOs. What your doing is great ...and now that you know whats going on out there in cyber space, now that you started you can never stop. Keep up the great work and expand your operation...Thanks to date line and Chris Hansen

Angela Madonado Southgate Mi (Sent Saturday, August 18, 2007 11:29 PM)

I see,so if a man hits on a 44 year old woman up for sex he is labelled a "sicko". If Angela is as fat and ugly as her acerbic personality leads us to believe she may have a point because no man in his right mind would hook up with such a beast.

Hey Chris if you're the one reading this I would like to know how or if I could become a member of your perverted decoy staff. I am 20 yrs old and look younger than my 13 yr old brother. I love your show and would really like being a member of it.

Amanda Rawson, Mesquite, Tx (Sent Thursday, August 16, 2007 3:21 PM)

Well,Amanda I would like to see you raped,killed and thrown in a revine somewhere for your misandry.

Hi I love the Show. I think It is time to really start getting these perverts off the streets and behine Bars. my Questions is, is there Ever a time where you felt like hitting any of the predators. Just wondering. Also when are we going to see a Women get caught.

Jon Petrosky, Manhiem PA. (Sent Monday, August 20, 2007 3:42 PM)

The feminists would shit if Dateline went after women and Dateline knows if they go after women feminists will come after Dateline. Misandry and ratings is all that matters and the truth is the first casualty.

I love to watch dateline. Dateline has exposed many
sexual predators. Thanks Thanks.... Our country needs more people like Chris Hansen. Chris you do your job with such professional guidelines. Thanks for doing your job right and for catching these men. You have put men behind bars and also saved a childs life from being damaged forever.

Bonnie-----Vermilion Ohio (Sent Tuesday, August 21, 2007 3:28 PM)

Yes,as long as it's men who are persecuted in this matter women like Bonnie have no problem with it but when it's women women like Bonnie are the first to excuse them.

Then there were the hysterical,such as these two:


TARA WILSON, morongo valley, california (Sent Tuesday, August 21, 2007 9:56 PM)


CAROL HEABERLIN NEVADA IOWA 50201 (Sent Thursday, August 23, 2007 11:43 PM)

Ever notice that the guys in 1940's movies slap hysterical women and they calm down? Ever notice that the guys in 2000's movies don't and she goes on with her hysterics?
Maybe it's time to bring stuff back from the past.

WOW!!! so to all the people hating on this show from the comments below you guys cant be serious. there is a big purpose of this show and it does work. it intimidates people from going online and getting humiliated on tv and thats good enough for me rite there. this is a GREAT example about the police man with all those loaded weapons on him as he walked in and in his car what do you think could have happend there??? he had a m4 assualt rifle and a bunch of pistols all LOADED AND OFF SAFETY ready to fire he was not authorized to carry all those weapons. the purpose of this show is to show america how many of these sick people are out there. THESE GUYS WERE ABOUT TO HAVE SEX WITH A GIRL OR BOY THAT SAID THEY WERE 13! is that to much for you guys to comprehend??? if you guys dont have anything nice to say about this show then go comment on all the other 50 bad shows that are on american television they deserve it this is one show that doesnt deserve any of that negative stuff. keep up the great work you are making a difference

kyle, seattle, washington (Sent Wednesday, August 22, 2007 11:11 PM)

Obviously Kyle from Seattle doesn't believe in free speech for anyone who isn't an asshat named Kyle from Seattle.

All you people who think this is entrapment need to get educated about the legal system before making such statements...nobody forced them to do what they did - these guys will go to jail. Also, those folks who said that these guys didn't break any laws don't know what their talking about also. Again, I say these guys will go to jail for their "attempt" and "intent." I have great concern for the folks on this blog who make these kind of statements and think you all need to see a mental health professional. If youre stupid enough to get "lured" out to meet a underage girl or boy for sex, your dumb ass needs to go to jail. I think Chris Hansen, his crew, and the DA office is doing a great job and should continue.

Heath Humble, Shreveport, LA (Sent Thursday, August 23, 2007 9:40 AM)

Most of the comments supporting Hansen and his show are pretty much women and manginas that would sue everybody involved if someone did this to them.

Source: here

A little too much... Yes they went with intent to have sex with a child, they are sick, literally mentally sick and their lives will be ruined until they die. But is it necessary to show their faces? How many children in real life go online and attempt to have a male adult come to meet them as the decoy does? I don't know that answer. why don't you research that. Howcome this only targeting men? Why aren't they targeting women with little boys?

w fehr (Sent Sunday, August 26, 2007 9:39 PM)

Well,W Fehr Hansen would be tortured on the the gonads by irate feminists if that happened.

IT TAKES 2 TO TANGO... These people are mentally sick but on the other side of this, If this is going on in the real world, why don't you reverse the sting and have the police decoys pretend to be the adult and expose the underage child which is online soliciting the sick adults? Certainly their parents should have some responsibility for what there children are doing on the internet...

j johnson, houston tx (Sent Sunday, August 26, 2007 10:28 PM)

That would entail holding women accoutable for their actions and this misandric society would have a shit fit if that happened. Besides that would mean holding the single mom parent accountable and keeping an eye on her child cuts into the boozing and doping time that she loves.

1st Do most of these men do time in jail or prison,because in a sence they are lured? I think these men definetly should half to register as a pederass, but in the long run they should be atacking this from all angles men,women and the 13,14 year old kids that are really doing this beacause its just as much there falt for talking to adults in sexual manor and apparently the adults cant make a right decsion and should be busted, but so should every one that engages in these enternet chats and not just target the men. I just think dateline could put a better stop to this if they exposed everyone from the teens to the adults.

Colorado (Sent Monday, August 27, 2007 2:00 AM)

Where is the misandry in that? Feminists who have stranglehold the old media have a saying: no misandry,no airtime.

I can not believe people disagree with this show. If this was their child the blog would read differently. This is crime regardless if you touch the girl or not, the fact that these so called victims of set up even show up to the house means they intended to commit a crime. DUH!!! That's DUMB on their part. So if you show up you deserve EVERYTHING you get, that includes being shown on T.V. If they don't mind destroying these kids life than the same should be returned to them. I love the show and think all of them should get their man hood cut off. I bet they won't think twice, because they won't do it. Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!

Kim, Seattle, WA (Sent Monday, August 27, 2007 1:02 PM)

If they were to do a special on female predators I'll bet Kim would be their first bust and since Kim is such a big believer in punishment she won't mind when I remove her clitoris.

I absolutely cannot believe you who believe that this show is a bunch of crap! How can you care about these twisted people?! Are you one of them? Chris Hansen and NBC are not out to ruin the lives of these perverts; the perverts do it to themselves! I don't care if men are always horny, they all need to learn self control. Chris Hansen specifically says that it was THEIR choice to start conversations with these "young kids." I hope these guys go to hell for their atrocities. Our world is so full of evil, in countless ways. You who think that this show is bad, do you also think prostitution is okay? Because THOUSANDS of women are being SOLD to pimps who often rape them, then sell them to numerous men EVERY day. They are rarely given any money, often locked up, and contract various STDs. AND it happens in the US! This is not removed from our "lovely little country." I hope you understand one day why it is so vital to "Catch a Predator" before our children are actually preyed upon. And I hope that instead of watching your lovely little sexually charged TV shows, such as "Dirty Sexy Money" or "Grey's Anatomy," you think twice about the values of our culture. Maybe if it became important to people like you, their wouldn't be so many predators. Thank you Chris Hansen and NBC for your show. I don't necessarily like the graphic chats, but I am glad that these people are caught.

Ashlee 911, USA (Sent Monday, September 03, 2007 4:10 AM)

When Ashlee is not chastising people she is assistant director for the Vagina Monolouges. Ashlee is a strong arguement not only for abortion but for forced sterilization as well. Ashlee's parents used to be pro-life but Ashlee's presence has changed their minds.

In 1981 we didn't have the laws or the technology to protect the youth of our country, as, we do, today. Many of you are too young to know about the Adam Walsh case, still unsolved, in Hollywood, Florida. A missing child was considered a local issue and not considered a priority.
Even, though, Dateline, best, illustrates the point, I, still, credit John Walsh for, all he has done, to make this country safer for our children. In his show, "America's Most Wanted", his, personal, anger, still shows, after all these years.
I would like to see Walsh and Hansen do a show, together. Not only would it strengthen the point, even further, but it may, even, increase the number of possible predators getting second thoughts before becoming criminally involved or getting help before appearing in a live sting, or worse, creating more victims.
It's not, just, the sex crimes we're trying to protect our kids from.
Dateline, AMW, Cops, all of you, keep up the good work.

Mark, FL (Sent Wednesday, September 05, 2007 2:01 AM)

Jesus Fucking Christ I can't believe how stupid some people are. If Mark had a sliver of intelligence he would know that the guy who killed Adam Walsh DIED IN PRISON. He was in prison for another crime but he confessed to killing Adam and the reason the case is labelled "unsolved" is because the cops botched the case from the beginning. If you don't believe me ask John Walsh yourself.

Chris; i love ure show, how you stay so calm & professional is amazing. "blank in your blank" is my fav quote from ure show.. not that this is by any means a comical situation for anyone. I think its an awsome job that perverted justice and the law enforcment agencies that dateline is in correspondence with, perform. DATELINE should bring the operation down to Tucson and Sounthern AZ, i see young girls here "I MEAN YOUNG" acting like therye 21-22. so i imagine the number of predators your team could catch would be off the chart.....
Chris' #1 fan in AZ Myles

myles tucson az (Sent Wednesday, September 05, 2007 5:42 PM)

So instead of telling these girls to dress more appropriately or tell their parents (read single moms) to make their daughters behave Myles the mangina would rather bust men for being attracted to these girls. I guess Myles is upset that men would rather be with women than some fag named "Myles".

I am horrified that DA Rouch thinks that it is ok to let these perverted predators loose! What is he thinking? If I was in his district and state I would be demanding his resignation! And my second thought on this if he is letting these predictors loose maybe he is excusing them because he belongs to that class of succumb!

I think that people in his district and state should Demand he resign now! Thank God someone is going to hold those men accountable!

Our children deserve vigilance and yes even idiots like this DA to get out of the way so someone will step up and protect our children!

Theresa Cape Cod, MA (Sent Wednesday, September 05, 2007 11:07 PM)

Thank God,Mass. spoke up. I mean Mass. has no weirdos. No weirdos like Ted Kennedy or Gerry Studds. Hmmm,on second thought perhaps Mass. should just shut the fuck up. Maybe this D.A. knows bullshit entrapment when he sees it.

Okay,you guys, I just don't understand. All of these men have committed a crime. The crime is called cyber-stalking. Those of you who think that the real predators are only cruising schools and playgrounds are completely out of touch with reality. How many young girls run away every day to meet the 'love of their lives', men posing as boys to lure these innocent girls away from home? Cathy, who suggests that it is 'normal' for any hot-blooded adult male to be enticed by a 14 year old CHILD, is delusional and dangerous. Any adult man that is enticed by a child is a pedophile, don't doubt it for a moment and don't you dare minimize this sick and disturbing behavior. I hope that you never have any children, if this is truly what you believe. As for entrapment, so what? We live in a society that barely punishes this behavior, that screams about the criminal's rights and ignores the rights of these poor, innocent children who are violated by these predatory animals. If there are law enforcement agencies that are willing to skirt around some minor legalities to get these animals off of our streets, more power to them. As for the idiot prosecutor in Texas that had dropped all charges for those caught in his part of the state, I hope your decision doesn't come back to haunt you. Do you have a daughter, a granddaughter? Perhaps you should ask them how they feel about you releasing these predators back onto the streets where they will offend again. Thank God, perhaps they will all stay in Texas, since you'all obviously care more for the rights of the accused than the rights of innocent children. Finally, about the man who committed sucide. Innocent men do not kill themselves to avoid 'embarassment' or 'negative exposure'. He was corosponding with a minor online, having sexually charged conversations. To damn bad if he had second thoughts, the intent was there. If he hadn't reacted as he did, chances are extremely high that he would have found some innocent child to force his sick affections on. Chris, hang in there, rise above the silly and forgiving nature of some of the population and know, without a doubt, that what you are accomplishing with your show is good, and true and right. Keep getting these animals off of our streets and Blessed Be.

Janet Worden, Marcus, WA (Sent Friday, September 07, 2007 1:30 PM)

Perhaps we should curtail the rights of Janet Worden of Marcus,Washington. Clearly Janet is an irrational nutcase who should be involutarily hospitalized and subjected to sedatives so she is not a danger to herself and anyone else. Also she does not represent everyone in the wiccan community.

I would like to end this post on a postive note:

You know, Im certainly no supporter of pedophiles ect...but during the last show I really got a strong feeling that what you are doing is not right. Its hard to put a finger on exactly but I feel that you guys are going to far. Coaxing intially innocent people into crimes is entrapment and unfair, especially considering the consequences of the humiliation you put them through. Teasing men with the claims of being a promiscuous young female and luring them into a police trap is hardly something you guys should be proud of. Im hearing similar statements from other people. I think the credit card fraud thing is more respectable and something Ill continue to watch. Having a "girl" set guys up so you can ruin them in the name of ratings like you do is not. Walker Cronkite would certainly not approve for your "journalism".

Ed Walker, Holiday, Fl (Sent Thursday, September 06, 2007 8:31 PM)


Thank you,Ed for being the voice of common sense.

I've touched on To Catch A Predator previouly.


Feminist Scum said...

I only read some of those comments, far too much to read all the way through. As for my opinion, well the woman who is 20, who claimed to look younger than her 13 year old brother is a real bitch. Men are attracted to females who are developed, and if she as a 20 year old isn't developed, she is a freak of nature. My guess is, she is developed just fine, but young looking, but being attracted to her doesn't make you a pedophile. This is typical of the media scum trying to perfectly natural attractions illegal. The go after men with normal attractions to teenage girls, and after they've lured them in, they swoop in, arrest them, and call them a "child predator". Makes me fucking sick.

And yes, female predators would never be shown on the show, because screeching femcunts would protest. We all know how femcunts love getting women away with awful shit they do.

Feminist Scum said...

Urgh, should have spell and grammar checked my comment. You get the idea anyway.

Anonymous said...

There is only one solution.
What is it?

PS: There is nothing wrong with marrying young females of child bearing age (teenaged "children").

Anonymous said...

Masc Man: you should become a law enforcement officer so you can go against the chris hansens and the women who support what he does. There are laws against everything, you could probably have the "SHES A CHILLLLLDDD!!!11111" woman arrested for something.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with Hateline that 6 men armed with M1 rifles couldn't fix in 5 minutes or less. Even 2 or 3 good MEN with BARs could clean out the whole filthy sty.

Chris (hate) Hansen should be face down in a pool of his own evil black blood. The producers and pigs who also make it possible similarly belong under 6 feed of good dirt. May they all be sent to meet their evil underlord, and the sooner the better.

I would love to see a small group of men "bust" the Hateline crew with a hail of rapid fire of some heavy caliber. Or arrange a meeting place but get there 2 days before to plant a very large IED in the floor.

The time for decent men to start fighting back against the army of femiNazi thugs is long overdue.

Bob said...

Feminist definition: "sexual predator," --> n. a man.

Masculist Man said...


I only read two pages of comments because to go further would have made me ill.

Masculist Man said...

Urgh, should have spell and grammar checked my comment. You get the idea anyway.

Didn't notice. But if you want to see bad grammar and stupidity read some of the letters supporting this monstrosity.

Masculist Man said...

Masc Man: you should become a law enforcement officer so you can go against the chris hansens and the women who support what he does. There are laws against everything, you could probably have the "SHES A CHILLLLLDDD!!!11111" woman arrested for something.

I was in security for awhile (I was a security officer,I wasn't detained) and I was able for awhile to give men a break they wouldn't normally get because there are a lot of manginas in the security profession.

Luke Skywalker said...

Hey Masculist Man.

Check out this post where I totally expose Robin Steele for being a liar, female supremacist, etc.

Robin Steele Lied About Everything

(Note: This is different, and better, than the first post exposing Robin Steele.)

Feminist Scum said...

You're wasting your time, Luke. Robin isn't someone who you should give any attention to. She's just one lone femcunt in a sea of cunts. Focus your attempts on the manginas in your college, and take them the fuck down. Manginas are the real problem, as they give the femcunts their power, cut the fuckers off at the source!

Masculist Man said...

No,FS,Robin needs to be exposed for the femiscum she is. Manginas and feminists are both the enemies of men and both need to be dealt with.

Feminist Scum said...

There was a time I'd have agreed with you on that, but not any more. Femcunts are nothing more than pathetic weaklings. They can't do shit by their selves, except dribble shite from their mouths. Manginas who enable their bullshit should be taken down. Without the manginas, the scum will die a very quick death, but if we go after the scum, there'll be more popping up to replace them, when we could be destroying the root of the problem. Like destroying a weed by pulling it out by your hand. It'll just grow back, what you need is some real hardcore weed killer.

Anonymous said...

Feminist Scum is a mangina in my opinion.

Death To women's Rights.
Viva Men's Liberty.

Me must destroy the problem, not target other men. Many of us once belived in women's rights when we were 10, 11, 12, 13. Some did not let go of the brainwashing till later, some not at all.

Anonymous said...

The people at the-niceguy forum are concerned that Luke might turn into a "MikeeUSA" (who they see as an enemy). You might be getting too "hot headed" and they see this as a bad thing. Being compared to a "MikeeUSA" is one of the worst insults in the MRM: it means that you are a psycotic that needs to be shunned, turned on, banned, and kicked away to protect the "movement".

Maus is somewhat concened. nigeles175d defends Luke from being called a "MikeeUSA" and says you're not as loony as the psyco.

Your opinion?

Feminist Scum said...

Mikee, stop being a vagina.

Anonymous said...

"Mikee, stop being a vagina."

Sorry, I'm not really into the idea of not attacking feminist women and instead targeting men (especially when you yourself are a "mangina"... do you really want people to attack you?).

Any man who thinks women should have rights is a mangina, that includes you, Feminist Scum. You are willing to sacrifice your liberties for the good of women rather then upholding what is good for Men.

Given that... strangely you advocate Men attacking Men and not attacking feminist women.

Feminist women are the enemy, some men collaborate with them (police who support women's rights mainly) but they are just the soliders, not those who benifit from the disrespect and supression of Men's Liberty, not those who have planned and cheer for women's rights. They are payed mercenaries, if they get in your way, sure attack them, otherwise stay focused on hurting women's rights activists.

Death To women's Rights.
Death To feminist women.
Viva Men's Liberties.

Feminist Scum said...

Attacking feminist women is a waste of time. You take the manginas out, and you take the femcunts out at the same time. Two birds with one stone.

I'm pretty disturbed that you think that you think women should have zero rights. Either way it's no use debating with the psychotic.

This'll be the last time I'll be addressing you, call me whatever you want, I don't give a shit.

Anonymous said...

So you think we should take the 'manginas' out and not the feminist women...

"I'm pretty disturbed that you think that you think women should have zero rights. Either way it's no use debating with the psychotic."

...and you show that you are a mangina since you believe women should have rights and are 'disturbed' at the thought of them not having said rights.

So to recap:
1) You want manginas assaulted.
2) You show that you yourself are a mangina.

Well... umm... do you listen to emo? Just remember when enacting your beliefs; down the street, not across the lane.

Death To __women's__ Rights,
Viva __Men's__ Liberties.

Luke Skywalker said...

Hey Masculist Man, I talked about this before, but I'm going to talk about it again, since Laboratory Mike has been talking about doing more Mancasts.

It would be really, really good for you to be on Mancast.

A lot of young men would be extremely inspired if you were to make an appearance on Mancast.

So if you want to do it, you should talk to John Dias, ok?

Anonymous said...

Check out what Capitan MRA sent me (my response is uptop):

"You really should consider that someone might read your comments and think that this behaviour is acceptable. I hope you will try to be more responsible in the future."

Good, I think it's acceptable too. Marrying a girl who is able to have children is not a sin, it is the correct thing to do. Killing feminists is not something I would ever condemn as feminist women hate men thus I am fine if someone were to do so*.

I am not going to stop posting these opinions.

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Captain MRA
Date: Dec 5, 2007 2:54 PM

Hi Mikee

When you answered Men's Movement's blog a while back I found some of your views disturbing.

I held back in my criticism because I thought it might be better to talk to you and try to encourage you away from these views.

I implore you not to post coments which seem to promote violence such as:

"Go to the local women's group office and liquidate it (kill the feminist women there). Wear a dark suit and drive an expensive car (these are more likely not to be suspect). Continue destroying the people who have helped to destroy countless of your fellow Men untill you are killed."

Or views that make it seem as if you are agreeing with marrying a child:

"The fact that Men get raped by prison faggots if they marry a young female of childbearing age isn't a real issue?"

You really should consider that someone might read your comments and think that this behaviour is acceptable. I hope you will try to be more responsible in the future.

Captain MRA

*IE: take said action against them.

Masculist Man said...

Your opinion?

We're pissed off and we're not going to take it anymore. I have no problem being compared to Mikeeusa because I think he's cool. Now if I were compared to Dr. Evil at Stand Your Ground I would really be pissed.

Anonymous said...

EP will not tolerate "homophobia" on his blog now (seriously, this is a new one... an MRA being OK with homosexuality...????? weird):


December 12, 2007 at 10:40 pm

Anonomouz / MikeeUSA

I think exposing feminism is a feminist.

Note: MikeeUSA is not recognised by the MRM due to the holding of extremist views.

December 12, 2007 at 10:42 pm

Exposing Feminism

Would you care to elaborate, Anonomouz?

December 12, 2007 at 11:13 pm


Anonomouz is Steele.

December 12, 2007 at 11:26 pm

Exposing Feminism

Strangely, Anonomouz’ IP address corresponds with this one exactly. It is not the same IP address as Robin Steele, who has commented here before.

It’s actually MikeeUSA, who is not recognised by the MRM due to the holding of extremist views, and who has commented here previously.

December 13, 2007 at 12:14 am

Anonomouz / MikeeUSA

Exposing Feminism is a wiki f****t? Figures, they are pro-women’s rights too. Would you like to fight wiki f****t?

Note: MikeeUSA is not recognised by the MRM due to the holding of extremist views.

December 13, 2007 at 12:17 am

Exposing Feminism

Mikee, I googled your IP address. I will not tolerate homophobia on this site. Consider yourself banned.

I support equal rights for all, that is why I am in the Mens Rights Movement.

This is a new one, now an MRA is complaining of homophobia? I know that most MRAs worship women and ban anyone that does not believe in women's rights, but usually they like to sling around anti-homosexual opinions like the best of us. Is Exposing Feminism ok with being gay and hating "breeders" (IE: normal people)

Anonymous said...

"with this one exactly"
is a link to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Suspected_sock_puppets/

I'm bewildered by Exposing Feminisms... opinions.

Death to Robin Steele said...

Thanks to luke this Robin Steele bitch got owned. and she knows it and even admits it:

Men's Rights Activist Robin Steele... Exposed!!!

Great job, Luke. Masculist Man has taught you well!

Anonymous said...

The above post is Steele. It ALWAYS loses. Just ignore the seriously demented Bellevue bitch in its little padded cell/room and let it choke on itself.

Masculist Man said...

Me must destroy the problem, not target other men. Many of us once belived in women's rights when we were 10, 11, 12, 13. Some did not let go of the brainwashing till later, some not at all.

They are traitors,Mike. They have willifully betrayed their brethern and they must pay the price traitors must pay.

You were right on about Raider67,he is a total kiss ass mangina.

Anonymous said...

Considering all the cunts on myspace and teaching in gradeschools fucking girls and boys it's now little wonder why they don't go after females for the same shit. Reading this brings the message very clear. Men, they're out to get you and you alone. The polterguist of Andrea Dworkin is in the TV everytime dateline comes on.

Vocal Majority said...

Recently, in Bossier City, Louisiana, my daughter filed a complaint because the husband of her baby sitter was fooling around with the girls. The police told her that he had a record of this kind of activity, but since it was the word of both girls against him, they did not have enough evidence to arrest. They are 9 and 10 years old. My daughter found out when one of the girls told her. The other daughter verified it.
So it ended there, except she no longer uses them for babysitting.
Or I suppose we expected it to end there. A couple of days later my daughter was contacted by a child protection agent that there was a complaint filed and they investigated her, the house, and everyone else.
She is the one that filed the complaint! I suspect someone screwed up this time, I sure hope it is not a common practice to investigate the families and ignore the perverts.
On the other side of the coin, I watched a news show a few days ago with this legal expert and a shrink, they were both women. They were talking about women who molect young boys. These ladies kept saying it was a romantic thing gone wrong. They would not call it what it really was, rape.