Monday, February 25, 2008

Sanctioned misandry in Ohio

Take heed, ye red-blooded American males. The police are operating a new sting designed to destroy your life.

The police are planting attractive women half naked in parks. They entice passing males, engage them in conversation, lay back, spread their legs and rest their feet on the men’s shoulders.

After being as friendly and suggestive as possible, they ask to see your penis.

Don’t show it to them. You are being filmed by police. If you show your penis, you will be arrested as a pervert.

Only American police, judges, and juries could think that responding to a seductress’s invitation is proof of perversion. But, hey, you live in America where Christians believe that killing as many Muslims as possible for Israel is God’s work. Don’t expect a dumb Amerikan jury, or a self-righteous Republican judge, or a mindless law professor to understand entrapment.
No, this is not a joke. It is actually happening. Last May in Berliner Park in Columbus, Ohio, Robin Garrison, a 42-year-old firefighter was lured into arrest by a half naked woman under a tree.

In reporting the story, the idiot – possibly some male-hating feminist – who wrote the headline for ABC News describes the above: "Topless Woman Lured Perverts in Police Sting."

Get that, red-blooded American males. You are a pervert if you show your penis to a woman who is seducing you.

The reporter, Marcus Baram, is not indignant about the sting. Neither is Gabriel Chin, a University of Arizona law professor who says: "It’s not entrapment to give somebody an opportunity to commit a crime."

It was Anglo-Saxons who made laws against entrapment. Thanks to law professors like Chin, gullible reporters and jurors, and corrupt police, prosecutors, and judges, Americans no longer have the protection of law. In the Orwellian world in which we now live, a male who succumbs to female seduction is a pervert.

The American police have never prevented crimes. In olden days, the police solved crimes by finding the guilty party. No more. In our time, the police create crimes. And that is why the US prison population is twice the size of China’s, an authoritarian country with a population four to five times larger than America’s.


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Anonymous said...

Heather McDonald has pointed out in her recent City Journal piece on Campus Rape. That the numbers of Rape are statistically insignificant. There are virtually no calls, and virtually no Rapes. On Frontpage Magazine Two Female Rape Investigators are saying the same thing. Rape is a scam being used to hoodwink Taxpayers into massive funding for Women's Studies Grads.

That a Police Department has some attractive entrapment Scheme used to entice Men into showing their male Members is nothing more than an entrapment scheme used to put Men in Jail for being attracted to Women.

It is part of the Government sanctioned War on Men. On the one hand Colleges, the Media,and Feminists encourage promiscuity and the Hooking Up Culture. Holding how to Fairs on the use of Sex Toys. While another Feminist Run department operates the Rape Crisis center.

They are creating the culture that can foster the problem. Brilliant scheme to fund Feminism. If the rest of the populace is too stupid to realize they are being fleeced by Scam Artists.

Welcome to the US Sex Prison for Men. Where insanity passes for Sanity.