Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Some observations about women

I was at a take out place I sometimes go to and today I had to deal with a cashier with an attitude but unfortunately she's the manager so there is no one to complain to. She came off with her attitude and I gave her the "don't fuck with me,bitch" look that I have to give so many cunts today. If she has tude I give her tude back. That's the fucking way it is.

More female shit:

The other day I was picking up my brewskis from the liquor store and I heard one cunt say to the guy she was with that she is attracted to the money (doesn't even hide it anymore) and unfortunately I had to count my money to make sure I could cover the purchase and I did it discreetly or else I would get this golddigger's attention. I didn't but if I did this is what I would have done; there was a box of tampons on the shelf above me. If I had to I would have picked them up and say I was going to get them for my girlfriend or wife and asked the clerk how much they were. I wouldn't purchase them since I have neither a wife nor girlfriend but this would have scared the golddigger off.


Luke Skywalker said...

Masc, what's are "brewskis"?

Curiepoint said...


Anonymous said...

For many Females due to EEOC they are affirmative Action hires. They were promoted due to their gender to keep the Government off the Back of the Executives of the firm. Many Women have no concept of treating Men like Human beings. And have an attitude of misandry that they exhibit without even thinking it.

In other words their Anti Male bias is so ingrained they do not realize just how much they dispise Men. This is a truly sad statement of the state of gender relations.

Example Hilliary Clinton an educated Woman is running for President. She chose to alienate the Second largest voting block, White Men. She already had the support of Feminists, and older White Boomer Women.

She and her delusional Sisters chose deliberately to crap all over Men. She is $7.6 Million in the hole, and has lost the last 10 primaries and Caucuses. She is trying to look for a Scapegoat for the worst run campaign in the last 30 years. You cannot Fix Stupid.

As a Consumer you have no reason to tolerate rude Clerks, or Merchants.
You have too many choices. Enjoy your cold Brewed Beverages.

My choice is Lagers, Guiness, and Samuel Adams Boston Lager. I like the flavor much more.

Anonymous said...


"I can only spot four agents in this photo: two black males just above the truck, the woman with the red scarf towards the left, and the white male at the bottom with glasses. Everyone else moves."

Notice something?
women are women. Men are 'males': like a worthless animal (male donkey, male chimpanzee, black male, white male oh but over there is a WOMAN a HUMAN BEING OF GREAT IMPORTANCE). This is becoming part of the normal parlance of the population.

Revolution please.
With much murder.

Anonymous said...

Look at this:
X-Originating-IP: []
Return-Path: leaf@real-time.com
From: "Rick Tanner" leaf@real-time.com
Subject: Re: [Fwd: Re: I updated my server to SVN but still am not on the meta server list.]

> It is possible that there is an IP block, though I
> haven't interacted with anyone in the CF community in
> about a year or more, it may have been added out of
> hate for me at the time that crossfire-plus servers
> were blocked. Could you ask leaf or whoever runs the
> metaserver to unblock me in that case (given I run
> svn, thus am compatable).

Cat2 is blocked from the metaservers due to improperly reporting
(inflating) player login count, map & archetype content that many of
CF developers does not want be associated with, and your past history
how you have acted towards and with members/players of the Crossfire


That content is anti-feminist / anti-women's rights things such as named feminists of the past in hell and the ability to aquire a 14 year old wife in one of the quests.

This ban came out of the blue when I had no contact with this person and my server had been up for two years or more. I got this reply a few days ago.

Crossfire is an opensource project.
It is hosted at crossfire.real-time.com
I have contributed to it in the past.

What action can be taken against Rick Tanner (AKA "Leaf")? Some type of lawsuit or something (I doubt it)?

Death To women's Rights.