Sunday, March 30, 2008

Marc Rudov

I just got through listening to the Marc Rudov show and it is definitely a breath of fresh air compared to the feminist crap that we are inudated with day in and day out. On his show he has callers that are very grateful that he is there. One of the callers was Roy Den Hollander and even though he mentioned VAWA he didn't give an update so I guess very little has happened so far in the case. Roy has indeed suffered the slings and arrows from those who describe themselves as "open minded" and "tolerant" by using the term "gay" to shame you into doing what they want even though they state they are for gay rights. (that is very weird because how can you advocate something you look down on?) Another caller was a man who found out that the definition of classical liberal does not fit these liberals today and another who felt isolated in his beliefs due to political correctness and was very relieved to find that he wasn't. Marc is only on Thursdays but I hope he gets more hours to broadcast our point of view for a change.


Masculist Man said...

There is one area where I will disagree with Rudov and that is I blame women as well for if it were not for women (the instigators) then the manginas (the enablers) would have nothing to enable and if it weren't for the enablers the instigators would have failed. To excuse the women and blame the men is just another act of chivilary.

Anonymous said...

Very true.