Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spitzer Sex Scandal

I haven't really commented on this issue until now considering I have mixed feelings and thoughts on this. On one hand Spitzer did get stung by the matriarchy but on the other he is a Hillary supporter. As a prosecutor,Spitzer sent a lot of people to jail,including those prostitutionally related. There is with this something that is pertinent to every story we read about in papers or see on TV and that is man-as-villain,woman-as-victim. While Spitzer was roasted over the coals,the prostitute in this case was described as coming from a "broken home" and now they are alleging "abuse" as well but this was mentioned just recently and she has cut a deal with prosecutors to testify against the escort agency and I'm sure against Spitzer. Women today get a real sweet deal,if they can get money from the agency they will.whether by working or working the feds to get rid of the agency when it no longer profits her. It is Elliot Spitzer's love for Hillary that I have a problem with and for that reason I haven't commented til now but it is proof that the matriarchy will eat its own.


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Athena Y said...

Look how flaccid you got without Robin Steele, Robin Steele.

So pathetic and limp. your only comments are spam.

Robin sends her love to the MGTWW, especially eMasculated Menses.

Athena Y

Randall Shake said...

Does anybody know how I can get in touch with khankrumthebulgar?

I'm an old very (very) close friend from the movement.

Have him email me, please. It's urgent.


Randall Shake
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Masculist Man said...

So pathetic and limp. your only comments are spam.

Yeah,but my counter keeps going and going.