Sunday, June 1, 2008

Boycott the movie "Sex and the City"

I'm joining in with Marc Rudov in boycotting the movie "Sex in the City" which is very misandric in nature. This is a chick flick that is as revolting as the series itself. They did a survey and found only 22% of men would come to see this movie and I believe we know which segment of the population they would be comprised of (gay and or retarded,just like my detractors) and I believe it was Margret Hoover on O'Reilly that said that these "men" would be hitting on the women there and I disagree because they are gay. Speaking of O'Reilly,one time on his show he had some woman who wrote a book about being an escort and O'Reilly came off like a mother hen and moralizing about it. O'Reilly the mangina. Men can join together in this boycott and send a message to Hollywood that we won't take it anymore.


z.g. said...

I'd say men should wait for the movie to be out on cheaper options and watch it.

Even the dumbest of men out there has a chance to get his eyes opened after watching that filth.

Anonymous said...

Reviews from Men who have seen the movie is overwhelming. It will reduce your intelligence. It is two and a half hours estrogen fest about Shoes, Slutting yourself around in Designer Clothes, handbags that are ridiculously over priced, and being a Skank. It was written for Gay Males, and substituted Women for Gay Men.

It promotes shallow vacuous Women without morals, commitment, or any decency. I had an "itch I wanted Scratched by Mr. Right Now".
Amazingly none of these Skanks has ever had a STD, got pregnant, or had any negative complications for using their Vaginas like a turnstile.

Andromeda said...

Should men question chauvinistic feminism that allows women to simultaneously claim to be (1) equal to men (2) superior to men AND (3) the weaker sex in need of greater protection?