Sunday, June 22, 2008


Usually when the term "wimp" is implied it is directed at men who don't live up to traditional roles such as being her unpaid bodyguard or handyman and if a man balks at this or fails in living up to these expectations he is labelled a "wimp". What if a woman doens't live up to past expectations demanded of women or she shrugs them off and she is labelled "independent" and "liberated" while he is labelled a "wimp" or "gay". It seems that women can ignore their roles while demanding men remain in theirs. In this column I'm going to be addressing female wimps-those are the women who have abandoned their traditional roles or are not good in them. I'm tired of men being labelled as "wimps" if they are not that good mechanically and it is usually said by women who can't even boil water right. I'm tired of the term "real man" being used by less than real women. If they are going to jump our cases then let's jump theirs. The next time she attacks you and says you're no Bob Villa then you jump her case and say she is no Racheal Ray. It seems today's women is a "wimp" by those standards. In fact one billboard showed a woman in lingerie with the caption across her "I can't cook". What if that were a man that said "I can't protect you" or "I can't fix things"? It wouldn't be tolerated or it would be protrayed negatively. If a woman demands traditional things from men (and let's face it they do) but they will balk at any behavior that you display that may be deemed "liberated". I guess "liberation" is for girls only,right? Bullshit. I'm going to have a "liberated" attitude as well,just like them and like them I'm going to do what I want and if women don't like they can take a fucking flying leap. Same goes if society can't handle it either. Fuck them.


MetalOver30 said...

Hey Masculist. Found your blog while searching around. I think one of the big problems with this issue is that we've let women define what a real man is for too long. Women have no place defining what a man is. Only a man can do that.

To me, a real man, a warrior, is a man who has principles, character and integrity. He acts on those qualities in a clear and forthright manner, disdaining passive aggressive behavior and hand-wringing. The warrior knows what has to be done and does it without asking permission. He treats others as he would have them treat him, and treats people with respect if they deserve it. The real man can be a solider, a dentist, a cab driver, a steam-fitter, any man. But what he CANNOT be is anything that is defined by a woman.

If you allow yourself to be defined as a man by a woman, you will be a woman. If you want to be a man, you must define yourself.

Whenever a woman starts in on the 'real men' thing I tell her to grow up and stop whining. Ironically, many of these women ask me for my phone number later on. Could it be that they are naturally attracted to a man who doesn't take crap from whinny princesses?

Anonymous said...

i agree wih metalover30. Women dont have the right to define what a real man is. Only men have the right to define themselves, as do women. As a friend of mine once said, "Give'em an inch, they take a foot. Give'em a foot, they take a yard."

Anonymous said...

Great post, Masc.