Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Christie Brinkley divorce and the women and wannabes

The Christie Brinkley divorce case sounds just as typical as a divorce occurring between nobodies and it could have been just as anonymous as any other and it would have been if Christie Brinkley had allowed it but she wanted it public. Brinkley said she was looking out for her children but was she when she puts them through the media wringer it makes me doubt her sincerity. Everybody is jumping Peter Cook's case. So what if he's looking at porn. Everybody needs a hobby and if porn is his more power to him. If Brinkley wasn't giving it up then chances are he looked elsewhere because after all if the kitchen at home is permanently closed then you eat out,it just that simple. On O'Reilly I saw where Megyn Kelly was dripping with venom when describing this case and O'Reilly the mangina was there to agree with her all the way. Never let it be said that O'Reilly doesn't lick female ass whenever possible. I'm sure there are other women like Kelly whom will likewise be dripping with venom toward Peter Cook and other manginas like O'Reilly who will be there to champion them. Peter Cook got fucked in both divorce court and the court of public opinion. But then again everybody in the old media licks female ass so that's nothing new.

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Anonymous said...

She's a woman so she must deserve all of his money.