Saturday, July 5, 2008

Entitlement princess in the making

While waiting in line at the drug store I overheard the conversation between the female cashier and a female customer. The customer is describing her daughter,probably a teen-ager,as "boy crazy",that is she is described by her mom as letting men take her out with no reciprocation in terms of sex or something else in for the man she is only interested in what serves her. What she described as "boy crazy" I describe as "entitlement princess". She is letting men serve her and that is the only role they see for men. Apparently she has no problem letting men serve her but the moment it looks like she has to give back then she puts on the brakes. Her mother was laughing while describing her. Next to her was a boy,probably her son or nephew. If it was her son how is she going to feel when her son gets fucked over by one of these entitlement princesses in court; divorce,civil and/or criminal and bats her eyelids at a mangina or dyke judge. I wonder if she'll be laughing then or if she will give a fuck at all about him. That is the one thing about women you never know.


Anonymous said...

She hasn't given it a moment's thought. In her mind, that terrible stuff only happens to other people and other families. One day she'll learn. Let's just hope that it's only her.

Anonymous said...

Telling her daughter not to be sexually promiscuous is good. Teaching her to be ungrateful is toxic.