Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Anti male sexism at General Mills

General Mills in practicing anti male sexism in its commercials featuring a wimpy husband and time to protest it.

Marc Rudov said:

General Mills is flooding the airwaves with its misandrist
MultiGrain Cheerios commercial. Can you think of a wimpier
portrayal of men? Steve should tell his glowering wife that
she has a fat ass and should head to the gym. Instead, he
cowers like a eunuch.

Why is misandry used to sell products? Why do men tolerate
this? Why do women tolerate this? What do children think
about men when they see this? It is utterly pathetic.

Can you imagine for ONE SECOND the roles reversed in this
spot, with the wife saying, "The box says, 'Shut up, Sue.'"
No, you cannot.

CEO of General Mills: Kendall J. Powell
CMO of General Mills: Mark W. Addicks
Call to General Mills: 763-764-7600

Call in protest today.


Anonymous said...

There is a femenist working in the
marketing department at general
mills. I saw the commercial and I won't be buying general mills products anymore.
There exists much double standards against men. Just look
at healthcare,women get privacy
but men don't.


Concerned said...

this is horrible, feminism is destroying what they originally set out for. equality

please have a look at my blog


Masculist Man said...

No,feminism is about female supremacy,nothing else.

Joeprah said...

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alexaus said...

Avoid buying Nestles products after their practise of double standard advertising.I am talking about their life saver commercial giving reasons why fat and hairy men shouldn't wear speedos.They wouldn't dare air an add saying fat women should not wear bikini's in public if their fat and have cellulite..the double standards continue.

Ashley said...

I will never buy General Mills products again. Their message is clear, and so is mine. I will spend my dollars elsewhere.