Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hillary becomes Secretary of State

I'll make men fight for feminism.

WASHINGTON – The Senate confirmed Hillary Rodham Clinton as secretary of state Wednesday as President Barack Obama moved to make his imprint on U.S. foreign policy, mobilizing a fresh team of veteran advisers and reaching out to world leaders. The Senate voted 94-2, with Republican Sens. David Vitter of Louisiana and Jim DeMint of South Carolina opposing.

Republicans and Democrats alike said her swift confirmation was necessary so that Obama could begin tackling the major foreign policy issues at hand, including two wars, increased violence in the Middle East and the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran.

"It is essential that we provide the president with the tools and resources he needs to effect change, and that starts with putting a national security team in place as soon as possible," said Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee.

Obama's presidential rival, Sen. John McCain, was among those who spoke in Clinton's favor.
"This nation has come together in a way that it has not for some time," said the Arizona Republican, on the Senate floor for the first time since the inauguration.

Voters "want us to work together and get to work," McCain said.

As the Senate debated Clinton's appointment, Obama wasted no time in his first day at the White House. According to a White House spokesman, Obama placed telephone calls to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Jordan's King Abdullah II and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

The administration also planned to name former Senate Democratic leader George J. Mitchell as Clinton's special envoy for the Middle East. Dennis Ross, a longtime U.S. negotiator, was also expected to advise Clinton on Mideast policy, according to officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about the move.

Clinton received overwhelming bipartisan support despite lingering concerns by some Republicans that her husband's charitable fundraising overseas could pose conflicts of interest.
Sen. Richard Lugar, the ranking Republican on the Foreign Relations Committee, proposed that former President Bill Clinton's foundation reject foreign contributions. But Hillary Clinton rejected Lugar's proposal, contending that the foundation's plan to disclose annually its list of donors and a range of its contributions already exceeds legal requirements.
Immediately following the Senate vote, Clinton was expected to be sworn in during a private ceremony at the Capitol.

Also following the vote, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee planned to endorse Susan Rice to become U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, a post Obama has elevated to the Cabinet level.
AP Diplomatic Writer Barry Schweid contributed to this report.


Will they regret rushing this through without taking neccesary steps to safeguard the country. Doesn't sound like it.


Anonymous said...

Another talentless woman who rode a man to success. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

At least she didn't win in her bid for President, thank God. That would have been downright frightening.

The thought of a woman with the launch codes to 5,000 nuclear warheads scares me to death. It's why I will never vote for a ticket with a woman running for President or Vice President (I voted Obama, both primaries and general election).

Masculist Man said...

Why did you vote for Obama?

Agreed with you on a woman on the ticket is bad luck. McCain made a stupid choice and it fucked him in the ass. He didn't want it.

Anonymous said...

i don't see the logic behind your reasoning. just like the true meaning of feminism is not anti-man, i'm sure that the true goals behind men's rights is not anti-woman.

- how is hillary talentless?
she went to yale law ... did you go to yale law? i didn't.

- why is it surprising/scary to see a woman in this position?
....she is not the first woman to be secretary of state.

i've seen comments on this blog that portray a feminist as equivalent to femi-nazi. but it seem that men's rights is equivalent to anti-woman/woman bashing? i don't want to think this but what are you guys fighting for/pissed about?

i understand if it's
-the unjust portrayal of men in the media being the perpetrators of violence
-fathers getting unequal treatment under the law for child custody and child support
-the specific socialization of male gender and the expectations of breadwinner, competitive, innateathleticism,heterosexual/heteronormative, 6pack muscle man, etc.

but what is the real cause here?
can someone explain?

Masculist Man said...

No,the true mission of feminism is anti-male sexism as nobody here is going to fall for this "equality" shit that women use but only when it is advantageous to them. If the position is a CEO then they are "equals" but if the position is being shipped off to the combat lines of war then they are "women". Female hyprocrisy know no bounds. If you count lying and not representing all your constituents while senator as "talented" then yes she is very "talented". Didn't Hillary go to Wellsey (sp?) an all female college? I believe she did. Hillary is a feminazi and she proved that when refusing to meet with fathers fucked over by family courts to discuss their grievences.
Men are saying what they see in society and here they have free speech to say it. If men are kicked often enough by women then men attack and the women get scared then they shouldn't have attacked them in the first place. In a lot of ways women remind me of children.

Santa Clarita Criminal Defense Attorney said...

Does anyone believe she would have made it where she is if it were not for her marriage to Bill.

Anonymous said...

The roots of Feminism are founded in misandry (hatred of men/boys). The current form of Feminism is not about equality but persecution of men and double standards. Currently, Feminists do not seek equality but want "everything" including power. Case in point, there are over 500 job specialties that women don't want (e.g. working on oil rigs, construction, and hard sciences, registering for the draft...etc). They are deceptive and yell foul whenever they don't get what they desire. In reality, men have become "second class" citizens under the law in the United States. Feminists promote or ignore the great number of "double standards" that are in their favor, such as double standards that favor them in under the law (e.g. divorce, child custody, murder, prison sentences, child abuse, domestic violence….etc) . If you evaluate “abortion” who put them in charge of procreation and how is that equal? The idea that this culture is perfect and should lead a global campaign with tax dollars is ludicrous. Global feminism is a terrible idea, only because the women in the forefront are not interested in equality, this could lead to greater global tensions, but what the heck, women don’t care since men will be fighting each other. “A good man is a dead”.