Monday, September 28, 2009

Fox on Polanski

Tonight on Fox News I observed the disbaraging remarks toward Roman Polanski. Mentioned only once on O'Reilly was it mentioned that the judge was not going to stick to a plea bargain agreement,possibly for political reasons. O'Reilly had two female guests on to speak and only one agreed with O'Reilly in seeking a harsh punishment. On Hannity Hannity and his guests: Miss America 2008 (Yeah,brains are really required for that job. (/sarcasm), Democratic strategist Bob Beckel who did just like all the Dems do and blamed the man,expousing the usually chivalry. The third guest was a Republican congressman,also a mangina. All four were salivating for Polanski's blood.

Let's turn this arguement around. What if Roman Polanski were a woman. After 32 years has passed would anyone want her blood? The manginas and feminists that condemn Polanski the man would probably excuse Polanksi the woman. How often have we seen female teachers given light sentences or turn it around and accuse their victims of rape? A lot and it is working. What is not working is the Constitution's Equality Clause,in fact that is being trampled. The media that condemns the man is the same one that excuses the woman. The same court that sentences the man to 10 years gives the woman probation for the same crime. If Polanski is successfully extradicted to the United States then he will be further cannon fodder for the rape hysteria machine.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your comments. It certainly was not wise what Polanski did. But these things often involve a lot of nuisance which outsiders can not know about.

Anonymous said...

The Swiss may not allow his extradition on the grounds that he's unlikely to get a fair trial, or that the treatment he's likely to receive is excessive by Swiss standards.

German authorities have refused extraditions in the past on the basis that the subject could be executed under US law for the offense in question. Their reasoning is that if they willingly deliver someone into the hands of someone else who would do something to him that would be outside of their moral compass, then that makes them agents to breaching their own law.

By most country's standards, the US is in the grip of a kind of sex-crime hysteria, and no-one charged of such a crime can expect a fair trial or appropriate punishment. There's a small likelihood Polanski will be retained in Switzerland or returned to France on these grounds.

Anonymous said...

You might not print this comment but to be honest France and Switzerland have harsh punishments for sex offenders. Poland has just introduced castration for sex offenders (at the same time the Polish ministers were lobbying the Americans to free Polanski) In America a 33 year old women who had a sex with a 17 year old boy got 10 years. A well known case of the teacher with the 13 year old boy was sent a way for along time even though she ended up marrying him. Polanski has had a good life a huge amount of people have supported him and continued to give him work.

Jonathan King and other famous people have been put away for many years for having sex with 15 16 year olds further back than the Polanksi case. Priests have had cases against them thrown up with NO evidence and also look at Michael Jackson.

The Gender of the victim may have engendered more smypathy for Polanski.

You may be right, however, regarding the sexual hysteria bit. Years back girls were viewed differently. Naked Brooke Shields aged 10 was put in Playboy without a blink. Things were different a couple of years back.

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"The Swiss may not allow his extradition on the grounds that he's unlikely to get a fair trial,.."

October 6, 2009 6:04 PM

Given the growing misandric elements ( put in place by feminists and their ilk) in the U.S., it is safe to say he would NOT receive a fair trial. No man can expect a fair trial there.