Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Today 2

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh and he said that the commander in Afghanistan sent a report to Obama saying they needed 40,000 more troops (read men) to win the war in Afghanistan. Do the volunteers exist in those numbers? If not where are they going to get the men to fight in this war? Congressman Chuck Rangel (D-NY) said a few years ago that they may have to reinstate the draft to fight the war on terror and that is bad news for men. Those that thought the war on terror is a facade for an oil war may have to go against those beliefs because they are drafted to fight the war on terror (or war on civil liberties,however you want to see it). Rush was also saying that Afghanistan is worse than Viet Nam was. In Nam we were trying to win but were inept and in Afghanistan they don't care. Obama's numbers are low and he may try to reinstate the draft the win the war to boost up his numbers and he'll use the blood of American men to achieve that goal.


Anonymous said...

If our country would make it legal for women to officially fill combat roles, perhaps this wouldn't be as much of a problem. Women are fighting over there now anyway, why not make it legal and give them credit for it?

Masculist Man said...

I have no problems with all female combat units as that would be equal responsibility and that is what feminists have always wanted is equality yet they have no problem with men being the sole ones signing up for selective service and feminists are mute about this. It seems that "equality" is a the top not at the bottom.