Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I've often said it because it's true we are living in a matriarchy. Feminism has permeated the culture and spread its poisonous filth. Everyday we are bombarded with messages that say you are nothing if you don't have a woman meanwhile women are told they are to be independent and in charge and lead (except if it's a 2 am sound in her darken home then she runs to men to save her worthless feminist hide). These messages are mainly propagandized by women and manginas. They won't make movies depicting men as independent because that will piss off women and we all know that most western men are manginas who do what their wives tell them to do. The reality of the situation is or should I say the result of it is men shunning women. Using them for sport fucks or other uses and then dumping them. I think you'll find this reaction among men gaining more traction. In an All State insurance commercial there is a female dumping a male at a dance. If they switched the roles of dumper and dumpee this commercial never would have been made and if it had it would have caused young girls self esteem to go down (this from the same society that has been told that young men successfully commit suicide more than girls and this society don't give a fuck). This society trashes masculinity except when it needs that masculinity to save itself. Let's go back to 9/11/01 in New York city when the trade towers collapsed. It was fireMEN and policeMEN who were trying to put out the fire and keep order. These men risked their lives to save others I don't recall anyone putting down masculinity at this point. Women talk shit about men when no threat is present but when one emerges they all run for help for someone to save their worthless cowardly lives. This,this is what I need in my life this thing called "woman". It sounds like a lot of trouble to me. Care for it and it will walk all over you and rape your soul. Treat her like shit and she'll love you forever. Damn illogical this beast and yet this society tells me I need one or I'm nothing. To whom am I nothing? To the cowardly women who wouldn't accept this themselves and be crying over it if imposed upon them. Fuck them,don't need them. To the manginas that were too stupid to see their plight coming and misery loves company. Fuck that shit. Yet we see this in movies when the protagonist has to have a love interest. Why? Why can't he just hang around with his buds and do what he wants. You'll never see the protagonist resolve the situation and then end it with him having some beer with his friends. No,there always has to be a bitch involved. The only way there would make a movie like this is if it were a female protagonist and it were a chick flick otherwise the femihags would take to the streets and scare the manginas. In the movies and old music it is the male needing the female and the female not needing the male. Quite the opposite of reality.


Anonymous said...

Great post. but in addition to the firemen and policemen, many men such as construction workers and other blue collar men did great things on 09/11/01.

Captain Courageous said...

The French have an old saying, "Cherchez la femme!" ("Look for the woman!"). She's the sneaky one in the background, stirring stuff up behind the scenes, and going behind your back.

Nowadays this is true up to a point. Beyond that, women are the pawns in the games of the truly powerful elite. Divide and conquer;
emasculate you and keep you depressed. You will implode and bury yourself in your job, booze and your computer. Or, you will explode and end up either dead, in prison or on the lam.

Trust and solidarity are needed in large measure among MRM's. So are discipline and self-control.

Masculist Man said...

Thanks for adding them.

Anonymous said...

I also liked your piece. May be I can make this point which I have made often in other places.

Now I am really talking about myself here but what I want to say is that the flaw in the male character is his need for women. Call this a sex drive if you like. It really is a self destructive feature of a man's personality. Just think if it where absent then women would be less interesting than dogs.

Frankly I wish we could devote some of our thinking as to how we could rid ourselves of this totally damaging need. If some dug had been available to me as a young man which would have made me indifferent to women I would have taken it. I would probably take it even now. Instead of boasting about our sexual prowess we would be better served getting rid of it altogether.

Anonymous said...

Captain Courageous said...

"Trust and solidarity are needed in large measure among MRM's. So are discipline and self-control".

This an absolute truth!

Anonymous said...

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