Friday, October 9, 2009

Duke 2: no prosecution for liar

The lingering spectre of Hofstra's false rape claim
on Thursday 08 October 2009

by Wendy McElroy

I have been waiting for outrage over the decision by District Attorney Kathleen Rice (Nassau, N.Y.) not to file so much as one criminal charge against Danmel Ndonye – the Hofstra student who falsely accused five men of gang-raping her. Four young men were arrested on $500,000 bail, jailed for days, publicly IDed and villified. A fifth man was being sought by police when a videotape appeared and confirmed the consensual nature of the sex act in question. Ndonye recanted immediately.

What did Ndonye receive? She was sentenced to undergo mental health counseling and to perform 250 hours of community service. Rice explained ‘the walk’, “This agreement is the only way we guarantee that this woman gets the help that she needs and is held publicly accountable for what she’s done to our community." This is the same D.A.’s office that rushed to judgment about ruining the lives of 4 young men, hardly pausing for due process. As one of the men commented, "I think they should have gathered more evidence . . . looked at camera footage and tried to match up times and things like that before throwing us in and letting the wolves get us." Now the D.A.’s office is oh-so concerned about helping a "troubled" perjurer whose lies could have sent 4 innocent men to prison for decades, where they would have been raped, brutalized and then, afterward, forced to register as sex offenders in perpetuity.

My read on the situation? With elections for D.A. looming in November, Rice (a Democrat) was trying to avoid the explosion of racial politics that would have likely surrounded the prosecution of a black woman for accusing five Latino men of rape. In this, Rice may have miscalculated. Her main opponent Joy Watson (a Republican) is using the ‘free pass’ given to Ndonye against Rice. Watson told Newsweek that “Rice ‘avoided the judicial process’ in deciding not to prosecute the woman who falsely reported she was gang-raped at Hofstra University two weeks ago.”

It will be interesting to watch an election spin out which is based largely on whether or not to prosecute false rape accusers. I hope the outrage I've been waiting for arrives in the form of a voter backlash against Rice and her ass lands on the cold, hard N.Y. pavement.


Kathleen Rice is Mike Nifong in drag. I think racism is a flimsy excuse not to prosecute but apparently it exists everywhere prosecutors don't prosecute perjurers. It shows that women,particulary black women can falsely accuse someone of rape. First it was a black stripper at Duke that accused 3 white men of rape and now a black female student accuses 4 latinos of rape. But I guess as long as she don't accuse any "brothas" of rape the black community will still accept her. Where was Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton on this one?


googlingnow said...

Well said: Rice is Nifong in drag. I saw a post elsewhere from a female Hofstra student who had "no interest" in this case and who was annoyed when her doctor brought it up during a visit. You can be sure that she would have lots of interest if a Hofstra student had raped a female student there and gotten a slap on the wrist. Where's the outrage? The media don't mention any petition at the school for Ndonye to be expelled.

When a male rapes a female (even if he is fought off or scared off), no DA decides not to prosecute because he is deeply troubled. Of course he's troubled! And I think most men, if they had to choose between getting raped for an hour or two, and spending 20 years locked up for something they didn't do, would choose to get raped. So what Ndonye was trying to do was easily as bad as a male raping someone.

At this point, it seems clear that there will be no student protest or petition at Hofstra over this. The attitude is ho-hum. Very, very sad. Men are too scared at seeming anti-female to even demand appropriate action from Hofstra.

Anonymous said...

Geek feminists seem to be after me, they wish to put me in jail:

Also can you link my web log please? I link you.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it but at least 2 of those were clearly black. And the other seemed to be afro-latins. But your point stands.

Anonymous said...

Neither the criminal nor Kathleen Rice will ever be held accountable. Why? Because they have vaginas. Women are never held accountable in this country.

Masculist Man said...

I'm getting damn tired of that pussy pass.

Masculist Man said...

Anonymous October 11, 2009 11:56 PM,

The race of the accused is the only difference. Since I'm willing to bet none of the Hofstra 3 have the finanicial back up the Duke boys did that recording of the consentual sex act kept them from have unconsentual sex with Bubba in the pen.