Thursday, November 5, 2009

Culture 2

I've often heard of MRA's saying things are going to reach critical mass. I myself have said that there will be a revolution but now that we examine the evidence before us is that going to be the case? How many men actually know about the men's movement? How many actually care? How many know their rights are being eroded away? How many are going to take action to stop and reverse this process? How many are going to write their elected leaders and protest this injustice? Not many. Things aren't going to change just because 25 guys are blogging about it you also need to be activist. I'm not talking out of my ass I actually have written my elected officials to protest misandry. I've also written the media (other than blog about it). I've stood up to feminists online and off and challenged them on their misandry. They usually back off. Why are we in this situation? We are in this situation because the men of old didn't have the guts to stand up to this or they became collaborators to get laid. I don't know which is worse: being a coward to women or betraying the next generation of men just to get a moment of pleasure. If it was the latter don't spend your 30 pieces of silver in one place. How do we get out of this situation? Like I said by being activist,standing up to them. Men,particulary western men,have a hard time standing up to women whether they're scared of not getting laid or they think she's cute when she's mad. I know this is a western country situation because I've seen men in non-western countries take to the streets and counterprotest the feminists and this wasn't 25 bloggers either it was thousands of motherfuckers taking to the streets. They know what is happening in the west,they see it and they want no part of it,can't say I blame them. We are living in a matriarchy because the men of old didn't fight back. Are we going to make the same mistake? For the sake of the next generation I hope not. Think about it.


Anonymous said...

What were the nonwestern countries where you saw the protests?

Masculist Man said...

One was in Mexico and the other in Indonesia.