Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I am so sick of Dave Fooltrelle

What can you say about a misandrist piece of shit that loses his job to a woman because she is a woman and now defends women like they are royalty? Idiot? Loser? Those fit,just to name a few. How low does your self esteem have to be when you start excusing the gender that dumped on you? Pretty low but in Fooltrelle's case I  willing to say it is nonexistant. It takes a brave man to look at things the way they are and try to deal with them but then again Fooltrelle is neither "brave" nor a "man". He is a spineless jellyfish who submits to whatever his mistresses want him to do. He is the type to throw other men under the bus to gain favor with women. I've tried ignoring this putz for as long as I could but he doesn't go away. You would think he would get tired of looking stupid but that would be wrong because apparently Fooltrelle thrives on it.  MRA's have the facts on their side so Fooltrelle looks pretty foolish trying to refute them. If I'm way off base about Fooltrelle then perhaps he can come here and we can debate about it. That's an open invitation,Dave. You're welcome to come here,I won't edit or censor your posts. I'm willing to extend to you something a feminist would never extend to an MRA. Will you pick up my gaunlet and bring it back to me?


Anonymous said...

"Fooltrelle" is a strangely appropriate name for him -- especially the first four letters.

Ernest Chatham MSW said...

Welcome to the club!

He's gone over the edge lately with accusations about sexbots and "apps" for the penis.

Personally, I think Aman-duh Marcotte supplies material for him.

Christian J. said...

I quite agree, but like Schwyzer, watch him hang himself on is own petard. He has not got the message yet that feminists want all "male feminists" out as they are regarded as being vermin. Fooltrelle is just a slow learner..