Sunday, February 26, 2012

Senator Grassley's letter to the New York Times


Violence Against Women

Published: February 24, 2012

To the Editor:

“Republicans Retreat on Domestic Violence” (editorial, Feb. 10) doesn’t recognize the reasons for the lack of support for the Judiciary Committee bill to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act. The bill fails to recognize the dire fiscal situation, fails to ensure that taxpayer dollars are spent wisely and adds unjustifiable controversial provisions.

My alternative bill provides more assistance for victims than the bill reported by the Judiciary Committee. The inspector general’s random audits of the act’s grant recipients repeatedly found irregularities and misconduct, including unauthorized and unallowable expenses in 21 of 22 grants. It’s only logical to change the committee’s bill to ensure that those funds go to help victims.

Also, the committee’s bill fails to address testimony at a hearing demonstrating that some immigrants applying for visas falsely claim to be victims of domestic violence.

I object to the editorial’s claim that my bill would eliminate the Office on Violence Against Women. Given the poor record of that office in administering these programs efficiently, my bill retains a separate Office on Violence Against Women within an existing Justice Department agency that administers grants. This means that less money is spent on bureaucrats, leaving more funds for victims.

Democrats have insisted on inserting controversial items into the act for which there is no proven need. In doing so, they have prevented Congress from strengthening it as a consensus bill and turned a routine reauthorization into an unnecessary dispute.

Washington, Feb. 10, 2012

The writer is a Republican senator from Iowa.

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There is no mention of male victims of domestic violence. That is what is missing. Why is that? Let's contact Senator Chuck Grassley and ask why not. I think it's admirable to make those receiving VAWA money to be held accountable but let's not forget the already forgotten victims of domestic violence,men. Let's put that question to Senator Grassley.


Bob said...

The worst part is that there is no consideration for the millions of men and children who have been victims of the VAWA hate legislation. Hate needs to be ended. Don't expect that to be published in the NY Times that has long supported misandrist feminsit hate.

Masculist Man said...

We cost them a women's commission in California and bipartisan support for VAWA.

I prefer the Partnership Violence Reduction Act or PVRA over VAWA. The PVRA is more inclusive of helping male victims of domestic violence.

Rob said...

The fact there is an 'Office on Violence Against Women" instead of "Violence Against People" shows their whole foundation is female chauvinist. Its about controlling men rather than ending violence in general.