Sunday, June 10, 2012

The militancy is working

If you're still asking why the militancy then you haven't been paying attention for the last few years on this blog. There have been those middle-of-the-road types that said we had to take the "moral high road" and never argue with our enemies,in this case feminists. (those taking the "moral high road" and pussies scared to act sure look a lot alike)This was the method applied by such groups such as "promise keepers". The weapons of promise keepers,the first men's army,are still in good condition and they should be considering they've never been fired and dropped only once. Surrender got us nowhere. Various moderate groups wanted to make peace with a force that wanted them dead or praying for death. The men's rights militancy is not only justified it is long overdue and we are seeing that it is working and working quite well too. We posted a lot of success stories and better news than in the past that is because the advocacy is working and the activism is accomplishing great results. We stay the course we can accomplish great things. In the U.S. Constitution the words "We The People" actually means we the people can make a difference. So if you haven't already send some pro-male email,sign some petitions to combat misandry,to take part in a boycott or comment feel free to do so. We are having an effect so let's stay the course.

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Hack said...

Couldn't agree more.