Friday, June 1, 2012

Mandate to leave the internet alone

From Campaign For Liberty:

Under the guise of "protecting consumers" like you and me with "net neutrality," "open access," and, of course, their favorite - "cybersecurity" - the statists have launched an all-out WAR for total control of the Internet.

But their real target is you and me.

And it's no secret they aren't going to stop unless you and I MAKE them.

Please help Campaign for Liberty fight back by signing the mandate supporting C4L's fight to protect Internet freedom.

To sign the mandate:click here

The statists don't leave well enough alone. Now they trying to make a play to control the internet,again. They won't stop themselves that is why it is up to us to stop them and by doing that is to sign the mandate. By signing the mandate you are sending a clear and concise message to them "leave the internet alone".

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