Saturday, July 14, 2012

Justice with Jeanine

I was watching FOX's Justice with Jeanine they were talking about Wayne Treacy and how he attempted to kill Josie Lou Ratley. Treacy and Ratley were texting each other. Let's rewind to a few months earlier when Treacy's older brother committed suicide by hanging himself and understandably this had an big impact on Treacy and his state of mind. Now fast forward to where Treacy and Ratley are texting each other and Ratley texts:"go visit your dead brother". It is at this point that Treacy became enraged and rightfully so so he set out to fubar Ratley which he did. "Justice?" Pierro couldn't seem to wrap it around her skull that perhaps a line had been crossed when Ratley said what she said so disregards Treacy's fragile state of mind,expecting him to get over his brother's death which occured only five months prior to this. She tries to make him culpable either way. This kid is looking at 50 years,thanks to some entitled princess who decided to shoot her mouth off at the wrong person at the wrong time on the wrong subject and just like if a guy had said that she got fucked up. That is equality. Apparently Pierro is a misandrist who believe men have no emotions and that they don't count. Pierro is actually a genuine former judge,I'm glad I wasn't one of the men to go before her and I feel sorry for those that did. I hope he is acquitted because he would be if he were a female. This is also taking place in Florida and if he is found guilty it would really be a shame because this is the same state that acquitted Casey Anthony and her victim was an innocent child who didn't deserve what happened to her while Treacy's victim brought it on herself.


Anonymous said...

This is not the same as the Casey Anthony case.

I assume since they were texting, that he went out of his way LATER to go find her and smash her head in? He could have stopped himself at any point before that, but CHOSE not to.

Well, too bad. There's consequences for behaving that way, and it has nothing to do with their genders. It has everything to do with him being a raging psycho. He deserves prison time.

You can't go around beating people up because you don't like what they say to you, sorry.

Masculist Man said...


You're right,it's not the same as Casey Anthony. Casey Anthony was much worse. Casey Anthony's victim was an undeserving child. The young man in this story was provoked by a peer. The problem with this society is that it coddles women no matter what they do,these are the traits of manginas and white knights. When women encounter a real man who isn't going to take it they are in for a very rude awakening.