Saturday, July 21, 2012

Male friendly candidate starting to flip-flop

It seems as though Dan Matthews is flip-flopping. He's taken down his webpage where he states he wants to hold women accountable for falsely accusing men of crimes. This is the site in question:click here Now let's go to my site,especially the words in blue which quote Matthews: click here Some feminazis may have gotten to him so it is up to us to counteract what they have done. Dan Matthews can be contacted here: click here


The Geezer said...

This is the site in question link takes you to a page that requires login.

You may want to check that link, and update us.

Masculist Man said...

An email has been sent however it may become necessary to contact him and let him know there is an electorate of men who are concerned with men's issues and will support a pro-male candidate.