Sunday, January 20, 2013

Anglo Saxon pussies 2

I recently posted this video about the Anglo-Saxon culture and I just want to elaborate that the chivalry this bastard has heaped upon us far outweighs any benefits he may have given to whatever society is cursed enough to endure him. He accomplishes nothing with his foul emasculating church with his accursed god that spread misandry and mistrust throughout the land. He raises his daughters to be the castrators of men just as he himself is castrated. His foul sons are eunuchs too. Foul half-men one and all. He needs to discipline his woman but he can't for he is a gelding;a ladyboy. He is only fit to wear women's clothes like the eunuch he is. He can only dream of being a real man that a MRA is but since he gave up his testicles to his women and his pederast church he can only dream. He will never be a real man because to be a real man you have to be a genuine MRA. There are no exceptions. Ever.

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