Sunday, January 20, 2013

The new military

Welcome to the new more female friendly military where GI Joe has everything but a penis and if he does we will neuter him for you. Yes,it seems that today's military man can defend the country but he better be female friendly while doing so which means avoiding anything sexual,unless you're gay in which case "don't ask don't tell" goes into effect. It seems that in today's military in is no problem if two members of the same sex engage in sexual relations but if it is a heterosexual couple the man's career is in the toilet. I've read a lot of articles where a lot of MEN in command roles were penalized. Anyone want to bet that women will also be held accountable and not given a pussy pass,which will counter my bet? Don't rush up all at once. The military is going to look different in a few years: with more female commanders and homosexual commanders calling the shots to female and homosexual soldiers. Very few straight guys will want to join the military at this point considering it is a hostile environment (potential for sexual harassment and all that) that a lot of them won't join. If you are a female today's military will make you feel "non-threatened" if you are heterosexual male today's military will make you feel anything but.


Captain Courageous said...

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Vernon said...

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