Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dan Perrins' article

I was reading Dan Perrins' University of Toronto Stu-dunces Union At it Again when I read the following:

Do we attract males who have been hurt and abused by a corrupt misandric society?

I’d have to agree we sometimes do have a disturbed individual or two come by and try to join but they are ousted from our ranks and urged to seek the medical help they desperately need.

That sounds like the old feminist shaming tactic:

You need help for your hatred of women. You're a loser.

It's really weird they are recommending psychiatry because in another one of their articles they say the field of psychology is overran with feminists. So if a young man is victimized by a misandric society and he is angry and hateful toward his oppressors then not only will he not be welcomed in Elam's group but that they will turn him over to feminist psychologists and psychiatrists to victimize him further. I wonder if occured to Elam and the others at AVFM that what they are doing is playing into the feminists hands. Does Perrins or any one else think that the feminists are going to purge the misandrists from their ranks? If he thinks that I have some beachfront property in Nevada he may be interested in. I wonder if they are doing this to appease the women giving lip service to men's rights. It seems that when women join men's groups the men put on the shining armor and play the white knight game. White knights for women,white sheets against other men.


Anonymous said...

It's good to see someone bringing attention to the false-flag tactics of AVFM; I stopped reading Paul Elam's and his supporters' writings years ago, but it doesn't look like their methods have changed much.

Dannyboy said...

I'd like to address your claim of a shamming language;
I am sure you are aware of how the splc tried to tie the MRM to various disturbed individuals who have committed various violent crimes. There is as well the old stand-by of how we support what Thomas James Ball did and suggested in his letter to the newspaper, which we don't. We as well cannot deny the fact that there are a small percentage of the population who are mentally disturbed. I was also responding to the claim made by the U of T student union that we do attract disturbed individuals.
I as well acknowledge that the therapy industry is flooded with feminist indoctrinated dogma and practitioners.

I would like to add one more thing I think we can agree on and that is the MRM is critical of feminists for not outing their violent mentally disturbed individuals.

Now if we do not call out the violent mentally disturbed individuals it makes us hypocritical.
By calling those few, and I do mean few individuals, out we are as well attacking the credibility of the splc and Mr Ball allegations.
Finally let me admit it is tough to find a decent therapist that is not corrupted by feminist dogma but they are out there. Dr. T is one of them. I have in the past advised people to ask the therapist right off the hop if they consider themselves a feminist or an egalitarian. If the therapist responds with an affirmative to being a feminist then I recommend looking around for another.

I believe when writing an article I should try and take as much wind out of the feminist sails (attacks) as possible. I do this imho by providing proof their claims are fraudulent. The couple of sentences in question were intended to accomplish this.

Dan Perrins.

Masculist Man said...

I stand by what I wrote,Dan. I'm not going to handicap this movement because a bunch of moderates don't like it. I don't care if Elam loves it or not. Like I said I'm not toning anything down. Personally I see feminism is no longer stylish for women that is why they are abandoning ship.

Now as far as shaming language is concerned I seen it where Elam himself uses the term "misogynist" thus giving lip service to women who are alledged MRA's. I've noticed that these same women didn't have a problem with men getting fucked over back in the '90's but give a shit now. Why is that? Because feminism is going out of fashion. I'm not the only one to question Elam's motives as Bernard Chapin has done the same thing. The funny thing about Elam is that he tells men to stand up for themselves and then mows them down with the "misogynist" tag. Also I don't like how Elam banned a bunch of guys,guys who helped build A Voice For Men,just because they objected to women or gays. Women and gays are enemies of the MRM but if Elam were a man he would know that. Why do I say if Elam were a man? Click here to read my reasons. Also I could be considered one of those wackos. Click here.

Masculist Man said...

Also it seems that A Voice For Men only became activist again because I brought it up. I believe it was a mistake to abandon register her. That's what happens when moderates run things they are ran half assed. Another reason that A Voice For Men is getting activist again is because Elam is passing around the collection plate. Will the activism survive after Elam gets his money? Who knows but I'll stay tuned and write about it here.

BTW,Dan I believe you'll find more freedom of speech here than on Elam's site.

Masculist Man said...

Who are we outting? Fired-up militants who are sick of being fucked over just because some pussywhipped moderates can feel good about themselves. These same men who have been disadvantaged and are protesting their situation can be labelled "mentally disturbed" by those that disagree or by moderates who get their panties in a bunch. Personally I'll take the "mentally disturbed" over moderate pansy manginas/white knights anyday.