Sunday, May 26, 2013

My thoughts on A Voice For Men


I believe that Jodi Arias should receive the same sentence that I would if I had committed this crime. I believe in equality. I am a Feminist.

Then you sir favor female supremacy because that is what feminism is. Read about it here and here.

Of course I don't expect Stacey Harvey uh er Paul Elam to say anything even though Harvey's/Elam's/whoever is running that place's post follows Greg's. Is Elam still an MRA? That is the question being asked throughout the manosphere.

Which brings up something that I've suspected but never blogged about. Regular readers of A Voice For Men remember when Paul Elam was rushed to the hospital because of a smoking related illness. It was after that that A Voice For Men started changing things and started to become more female friendly. My theroy is that Elam didn't survive his hospital stay,that he is no longer with us. My theory is that a female,Stacey Harvey is running A Voice For Men now. A Voice For Men is now gay and female friendly,gays and females are traditional enemies of the men's movement and now they're here to help us? Forgive my skeptism but that don't wash. The question remains: did they join us or infiltrate us? It was after the hospital visit that Register Her went to hell. I remember Dean Esmay saying to discontiue it (this is why I don't like moderates) which was a bad idea and before my banning I told Esmay and the others that abandonding Register Her was a bad idea,that's the problem with this movement: too many hippies and not enough punk rockers/thrash metalers. One pet peeve I had is when JTO called a feminist a "naughty little doggie". That statement is way too effeminine for my comfort and might have told us more about JTO than he may have realized. Elam/Harvey have banned all the real activists with the exception of Ray Blumhorst. They keep moderates posting there but I look at moderates as Neville Chamberlains. Yes,I know there is an article on A Voice For Men from Glen Poole from Fathers 4 Justice and I guess when questions come up you better get some real activists for men on your side and Fathers 4 Justice fits that bill. Like I said,I'm not the only one asking these questions.


Anonymous said...

This is a late comment, but it's good that others are finally realizing how hypocritical Elam and A Voice for Men are; I realized years ago that while Elam chided men for not showing up for the gender war, he's shown up to take down those on the side he says he's on. The term "false flag" is used too much, but it's applicable in Elam's case. Thank you.

Masculist Man said...

You're welcome.

I've gotten the same impression when I saw other men get banned just as I have. Elam's gone PC which is not the MRA way since PC usually backs feminists. In fact I wrote this and this. You may find them interesting.