Saturday, August 17, 2013

What may be next for Hugo Schwyzer

How is Hugo Schwyzer going to top himself? He expolits his students and cheats on his wives. If this were any other guy I would have sympathy but not for Schwyzer. He is a psychopath that will throw other men under the bus for his own benefit. But back to the topic: how is he going to top this? He could do what he's probably wanted to do for a long time,perhaps all if not most of his life. What he has always wanted to do is to fuck his mother or at least have a 3some with mom and dad. If he had the hots for a male porn star you know he wants to blow his father. If he doesn't do his parents then he'll probably try to do his kids or the family pets. Animals have instinct that usually serves them well so chances are they picked up what a psycho Schwyzer is and hightailed it out of there. Which means that Schwyzer may be on the road to pedophilia. Stay tuned.

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