Friday, December 6, 2013

Prosecutors decide not to charge Jameis Winston with a rape charge

The prosecutors investigating the charges against Jameis Winston have decided not to go to trial. I was reading up on it here and like most he said/she said situations it is difficult to find out exactly what happened on the night in question. All the rest of us have is second hand information. The investigators did talk to witnesses at the party amongst others including the complaintant whom kept changing her story. To top it off we have asshat galore Geraldo Rivera shooting his mouth off on the O'Reilly Factor about how Winston is guilty and how evil he is. Let's not forget that Geraldo is the same assclown who sided with Jodie Arias when she murdered Travis Alexander. Apparently Geraldo is a self hater or he feels inadequate compared to other men that he feels glee by putting on the chivalry act by siding with women no matter how savage their crimes are. Of course when we take into consideration the stupidity of Rivera it is easy to see why he does the things he does:

Geraldo does have sons and if one of his sons were falsely accused of rape would Geraldo ease up on the chivalry crap or does his gallantry know no bounds? Most of all thank you to the State of Florida and Florida State University for having the integrity that Duke University and the County of Durham North Carolina lacked when the Duke lacrosse team was not only falsely accused but truly harassed even threatened by both students and faculty staff;had their play schedule cancelled even before they were arraigned in court. Perhaps we've reached that point where we realize that prosecutorial witchhunts accomplish nothing but destroyed lives and are now seeking justice instead.

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