Saturday, December 7, 2013

Misandric witchhunt led by Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo has stooped to a new low. He is trying to get Jameis Winston thrown in prison to satisfy his perverse sense of chivalry. He touched on it briefly on O'Reilly last night (see preceeding post) but on his show tonight he devoted 38 minutes to the topic. He interviewed Winston's attorney who not only presented the facts as outlined by the prosecutorial team that investigated the case but he also refuted the lies Geraldo was spewing. He even told Geraldo that he is not entitled to his own facts. But in Geraldo's world his opinions are facts. Next he had a panel discussion which featured a male defense attorney,whom Geraldo was very rude to. Feminist prosecutor Wendy Murphy,some airhead from Take Back The Night and an alledged rape victim. Geraldo and Murphy were the lead inquisitors in vehemetly making unfounded accusations against Winston. Both were very rude to this male defense attorney who is trying to make sense of this situation. Murphy comes off a self righteous cunt I would love to see her get locked up and see how she reacts. I'll bet she freaks out royally. Anti-male zealots are the reason that a lot of young men have their lives turned upside down,from Brian Banks to the Duke lacrosse boys. Asshats like Geraldo don't care if someone gets hurt because of them. All that matters is that they get ratings.

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