Saturday, March 22, 2014

White feminist feels guilty about being white

I was listening to the Rush Limbaugh show (3-21-14) where he talked about a white feminist (Robin Morgan) who says she feels guilty about having white privilege while a lot of other women don't have it. She did not mention that on the status scale of political correctness in today's misandric society that men are lower than women. Regardless of color. We all know how much white feminists take serious the plight of their sisters. It would seem that white feminists don't care about other women. Except maybe as servants and nannies or the men taking care of the lawn and other landscaping work,at the mercy of the weather. Getting back to the white feminist guilty liberal: is she sincere in her statement? Who knows but what is obvious is that she is not giving up that lifestyle. I guess guilt is something white feminists can live with as long as their comforts are not forsaken. If the white feminist does get guilty feelings again I'm sure the help can bring her something to ease her mind-or conscience.

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