Monday, March 10, 2014

Clean up your act,America

Shame on you,America. Shame on you for your blatant misandry. You hunt down men like Mike Tyson and Woody Allen for their sex lives and try to demonize them no matter what while excusing females who prey upon men even boys. You excuse the Debra Levebes and other women who betray the public trust. You champion the Geraldo Riveras who gloss over women who prey upon boys while demonizing men who prey upon girls. Geraldo is your hero,America. Geraldo's views are your views,America. Because of that I have to give you a Jerimiah Wright comment: God damn you,America. God damn your misandry,America. God damn your misandry to hell. You're a nation of women and castrati manginas/white knights that bow and kneel before your feminist mistresses. Now you want to spread your feminist filth all over the world. You seek to poison the world with your anti-male propaganda. You have given the world the feminist witch hunts that seek to destroy men with false rape accusations. OTOH you excuse female false accusers which proves you are a nation of women and castrati. This is not your first offense,America. There is this and this so this will be considered your third write up. Shame on you,America. You need to clean up your act and I mean pronto.

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