Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sean Hannity has a shit fit over the Rice scandal

I'm sure by now you've heard about Ray Rice and his situation. Sean Hannity and every other white knight on FOX News were crucifying Rice about how he handled the situation. Nevermind her involvement in the altercation. Nevermind the fact that she spat in his face. Nevermind all that. No,we can't let take that into consideration because Hannity and and his fellow eunuch buddies won't let us. We all have to be the castrati they are by bowwing down in agreement or just bending over in agreement. Both options are unacceptable so we refuse. We don't know what led up to the altercation but that doesn't stop douches like Hannity from running their mouths off. Surpriseingly the only one to to at least show some compassion for Ray Rice and that was Tamara Holder. That surprised the fuck out of me I was expecting the opposite point of view from Holder. She was countered by some right wing feminazi nutjob who threw out one of the many debunked domestic violence studies so I knew she was full of it. One of the ex-NFL players,Fran Tarketon,stated that more women die from domestic violence than any other cause. I call bullshit Tarketon and I call you out to cite your source for the information you spouted off on FOX tonight. To everyone who just pushed away Ray Rice's work in preventing suicides to other charitable causes. Nevermind the good things he did. Nevermind the suicide prevention he did. Nevermind that most of the suicides are committed by men. Nevermind the men. That is the narrative is it not? But what's few dead men worth in the grand scheme of ratings. Fair and Balanced? As much as a "people's republic" actually belongs to the people. All in all a lot of dead men with Hannity as the judge,jury and executioner.

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