Saturday, September 27, 2014

Welcome to the matriarchial world order

Welcome to the matriarchial world order. There are major differences between the traditional society and the matriarchial world order. Well, for women anyway. In the traditional society men and women sacrificed for the children. Today in the matriarchial world order the men and children sacrifice for the women. Welcome to the queendome,guys. Who is the queen? Good question only too singular. A better question would be who are the queens? Who are they? Every woman out there. In the matriarchial world order males, even boys, are held more accountable than females, even grown women, of any age. In the matriarchial world order only males are guilty of sex crimes while women are just fostering relationships,even with children and females are spared the horrors of the sex offender registry no matter what sex crimes they have committed meanwhile men are placed on it no matter what. Even if they irrinating in public,in a alley out of view of the public at large or if their pants split and they are detained while enroute to their residence to change. Meanwhile a woman can sexually diddle herself in front of pre-schoolers and society is "sex crime? what sex crime?" Then there are the female only legal defense moves that men are forbidden to use. Female favoring affirmative actions laws along with female favoring agencies or agencies that exclude men altogether. To sum it up in this society it is female favoring everything: from law to the courts to society at large. Back in the 70's there was a slogan:"You've come a long way,girl". Today that slogan would be updated:"You've gone too far,girl".

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