Saturday, December 6, 2014

Hold UVA misandrist president accountable

Fire University of Virginia president Teresa Sullivan
Jonathan Farley
United States

University of Virginia president Teresa Sullivan vandalized our legal system by immediately assuming the guilt of innocent men after an anonymous accuser without evidence cried, "Rape!" Sullivan suspended activities of all fraternities (not just the one fraternity the accuser mentioned), and no sororities---discrimination solely on the basis of sex. "Rolling Stone," which published the incredible accusation, now apologizes for running the story, saying it no longer trusts the lone accuser. While the Board of Visitors immediately apologized to the anonymous accuser and her parents, now that "Rolling Stone" has backed away from the story, the Board of Visitors' "zero-tolerance" approach to sexual assault must include firing the woman who aided and abetted a false rape accusation as well as physical violence against the fraternity---in recognition of Brian Banks, Johnathan Montgomery, and the research of Eugene Kanin.

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Not to mention the works of Dr. Charles P. McDowwell of the United States Air Force. Let's not exclude him. Let's sign this puppy. Don't let some misnadrist feminist get away with it.


Anonymous said...

How do you know it was a false accusation. More than 90% of rapists never see the inside of a gaol cell.

If it was that is terrible. Feminists are against false rape accusations for a number of reasons.

However, all I can see is the lack of proof (which is difficult to obtain in these situations and often impossible). This should mean that the man in question will not be charged in a legal setting due to the onus of proof being on the accuser.

However, when you look at the numbers, false accusations of rape are far more rare than rapists who go undetected and unpunished.

No proof does mean no legal penalties, but I expect a slightly more convincing argument before signing a petition.

Do you have more details?

Masculist Man said...

The false accusation rate for rape is 60%. The reasons given for this false accusation rate: spite,revenge,even boredom. These are the cases where the accuser deliberately lied. This is from a U.S. Air Force study by Dr. Charles McDowwell. From the book The Myth Of Male Power by Warren Farrell.

I've cited my evidence cite yours.