Saturday, November 22, 2014

Tell the Democrats why you're pissed off at them

The Democrats are wondering what happened. How could they royally lose? You know the answers and now you can tell them why you didn't vote for them and what they can do to clean up their act. Tell them you are tired of them backing feminists at the expense of men. Does it piss you off like it does me? Then tell them. Let them have it. This is a way to make change happen. On the Men's Rights Blog we don't just read about it we act on it. We let them know that we men are fed up and we're going to let them know that we are fed up.


Anonymous said...

I don't tell them anything. If you're mad they laugh. They aren't going to change anything except their appearance. Just let their opponents keep gathering strength, which is what will happen if the leftists don't know what to imitate.

Masculist Man said...

I didn't give them any advice either but I did tell them that backing the feminists was a bad idea so hopefully they'll desert them. I'm not holding my breath but it doesn't hurt to try.