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All men are rapists

One Day, All Men Will Be Considered RapistsJANUARY 13, 2015, 5:06 PM 41

One of the things defenders of feminism continue to vehemently deny is that it contains elements of outright man hatred. “It’s just about equality”, they’ll say. Even if there are reams upon reams of evidence of feminist theoreticians from the 1970s until today attacking heterosexual men as such, that’s not representative of what most who identify as feminists, most of whom “only want equality”, believe.

To which I will reply: nice try. One need only look at how public and policy discussions of inter-gender violence don’t even bother to ask about women’s violence towards men. A good example of this is domestic violence, which has been shown time and again in non-feminist surveys and studies to come from both directions, but in public campaigns, it is always only the men who abuse. Another example of this bias is rape.

Rape is a horrific and execrable crime. To the extent that it is possible within the confines of the law and due process, rapists can and should be punished to the maximum. But moral panic about rape, fueled by claims of “rape culture” and anti-male stereotypes has turned the campaign against criminals into one which paints as many men as possible – most of them innocent – as criminals.

The worst example of this thus far is the often touted statistic of “1 in 5″ women are raped on college campuses, with the implicit hint that as many as 1 in 5 men are rapists. This is a statement based on single and highly problematic study, which greatly expanded the definition of sexual assault beyond even what the respondents considered to be such. It has been debunked and picked apart time and again; more responsible and thorough studies by the American Department of Justice put the number far lower. Yet the meme of “1 in 5″ lives on.

Now that number threatens to become worse. A recent study even more distorted than the first is now being reported, with the blazing headlines on feminist sites that fully 1 in 3 (!) men would rape a women if they faced no consequences for doing so. Critics can and will point to the small sample size, the even more distorted method of questioning and the fact that asked about a theoretical and impossible consequence-free world – most men and women would admit to wanting to commit all manner of crimes and horrific acts.

But to the feminist activists, all means are legitimate in the fight against patriarchy, rape culture and heterosexuality. All that matters to them is that 1 in 5 will soon become 1 in 3. Pretty soon, it will be 1 in 2. You know what comes next.

This is not a debate about gender roles. It is not about economics or the esoterica of hateful radicals in an ivory tower. This is a war, an ideological campaign to smear all men as moral monsters. It is not a war against “patriarchy” or some imagined evil rich guy. This is a war on men as such – of all races and social classes. It is a war against your brothers, sons, fathers, friends and relatives. And right now, the bad guys and girls are winning.

Silent disapproval of this campaign is nowhere near enough. Anyone who truly cares about men, anyone who means what they say when they claim they are for all genders, must openly, vocally and repeatedly fight back and help turn the tide before it’s too late.

As for those of you who truly believe that all men are guilty as charged when accused of rape regardless of evidence or circumstances and that they are all truly monsters – may I suggest you practice wearing white sheets, because there is no moral difference between your attitude and that of racists who used to hang innocent Black men from trees on false rape charges. You are a bigot. Kindly own it.

The time for action is now. I know where I stand. The question is: do you?


That last sentence was something I would have wrote and he's right. What you go to do about it? I'll fight on my feet before I'll live on my knees. That's what I'm going to do about it.


Anonymous said...

Fine. But so what? The Bible doesn't have a problem per-se with rape, only fucking other men's women who they allready own.

If you rape a girl child that hasn't been given to anyone yet then keep her and pay her father, like the Old Testament says.

Feminists: hate men and everything about them.

Old Writings: fine with even pedophile rape of young girls... because men have always liked young girls.

I know which I like better.

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