Monday, February 23, 2015

Get justice for Jeremiah Dewey

Justice for Jeremiah Dewey, take him out of Prison. Give him another Trial in a unbiased court that is not prejudiced against him like the one in Presque Isle County Michigan.

Donald Dewey
Rogers City, MI

In 2005 someone made an annonymous complaint that my seven year old grand daughter might be being sexually molested. The Michigan State Police and CPS started investigations. Brittney was given a complete medical examination and no sexual abuse was found. The school that she attended did not observe or report any sexual abuse. The day care facility that she attended did not observe or report any sexual abuse. The mandated home health care workers working in my home did not observe or report any sexual abuse. Brittney said no one was sexually touching her. The cases were closed. Late in 2005 Brittney, her mother, and brother all moved back to Washington State. In 2006 Storm and Joshua moved back to Michigan. In 2011 Brittney moved back to Michigan.

On March 21, 2013 a new sexual abuse complaint came in against my son. The Family court Judge, Prosecuting Attorney, and the Detective involved in this case should have been recussed for a conflict of interest. A lot of character assassination was going on against the entire Dewey family. The Judge allowed DHS Foster Care worker to lie and commit perjury in this case. Our family was falsely accused of stealing money from our handicapped younger son resulting in opening and closing an investigation because of no evidence to support this unethical charge from the Prosecuting Attorney. We were accused of interfering with the removal of the kids from our house. We were accused of visiting the kids at school in violation of the no contact order. Family visits were not accurately reported or recorded by DHS. Back ground information provided by DHS to the medical people was not accurate. DHS worker was encouraged by the family court Judge to lie or committ perjury in the court room. These lies and perjury were not properly addressed by the court when notified. The Judge falsely and with out evidence called my son a predatory pedophile in open court. The court appointed Attorney representing my son would not allow him a jury trial. He would only represent my son for a plea agreement. This Judge also accused my wife of perjury to cover up this crime for our son.

My son was denied a jury trial in family court by the Judge, Prosecuting Attorney, and his own court appoint Attorney. This case is nothing except he said, she said. No physical evidence of any kind. All of the written documentation was not allowed in the court. Coaching was used through out this entire case.

The well know Detective in this case was allowed by the court to give hear say evidence with no proof in contrast to the Testimony given by the actual Michigan State Police Officer who did the investigation. He also did not interview all of the witnesses in this case. He was allowed to hand pick the jurist from his own small town.

The Prosecuting Attorney lied and committed perjury in this case. He attempted to force my son to take a plea agreement by adding additional charges using his three year old daughter against him with no proof. He committed Prosecutorial misconduct, unethical behaviors, Brady violations, to win this case of retaliatory action against the Dewey family.

Through the use of hand picked Juries, Jeremiah was found guilty of five counts CSC 1st degree over an nine year period of time. Four of the charges were never given any actual dates from 2005. He was sentenced twenty five to forty years. They had also used a lawsuit we filed and won to add extra time in his case. Proof of their Vendetta against us.

This Prosecuting Attorney in now personally involved in four Law suits against Presque Isle county Michigan for his Constitutional Rights violations. If you have no evidence to prove a crime has been committed it shoul be illegal to use rape shield laws to hid evidence that prove you are innocent.

I would like to see someone look at this case who has no vested interest in the out come of it. I would like to have them see all of the evidence not just selected parts of it. I would like all of the witnesses to be allowed to tell what they know about this entire case. I would like to see the Foster care worker from DHS, and the two foster care mothers take a polygraph test for the coaching that went on in this case.


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