Thursday, February 12, 2015

Red pill cause, blue pill thinking

It is said that the legitimate men's rights movement is a red pill movement and indeed it is. Unfortunately there are a lot of blue pill thinkers in this movement. IOW they have joined a men's rights group without changing the way they think. They'll still place women on pedestals. If you're going to be an MRA then you have to stop worshipping women. It's that simple. No worshipping no chivalry none of that bullshit. If you continue to do these things then you'll make a lousy MRA. There are no purple pills in this movement only red or blue. I've taken the red pill. What about you?

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Anonymous said...

Feminism inadvertently freed men from their traditional male roles. Now, men aren't forced to provide for and protect women. As more and more women enter the military - fewer and fewer men's lives will have to be sacrificed for women's rights. Women cast off their traditional roles and now men have done the same. Hope no one's surprised.

Marriage for men has always been slavery. Marriage is nothing more than a gynocentric trap in which men are destroyed. Society shamed men into providing for and protecting women and "her" children. In days past, a man that didn't have a wife had difficulty finding employment and one that didn't provide for a woman's children was deemed defective. Men were also sent to war to fight and die for their rights - rights that were given to women without any cost. Men that didn't go to war were branded cowards - by both men and women. These things are still somewhat true today, but more and more, men are standing up to this misandry and male disposability. Marriage, for all intensive purposes, has always been about the exchange of sex by women for provision and protection by men. To a large extent, society still enforces these roles.

In the past 40+ years, in the US alone, tens upon tens of millions of men have been destroyed through marriage. As a result, hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of those men have committed suicide. This is the real reason for the decline in marriage. All across the globe, men are waking up and opting out.

Because of the above, we are moving toward a more equal society in which one gender isn't forced to sacrifice themselves for the other. To continue this trend, white knights and chivalrous men must be removed from the male ranks. These are the men that will gladly throw other men under the bus to gain favor with the gynocracy. White knights and chivilrous men pander to the gynocracy and look down on men that stand up for themselves. These men are relics of dark days past (for men) and need to be called out and removed from any gender equalized society.