Saturday, May 30, 2015

Feminists claim men cannot be raped

A question was recently asked by a man at Reddit's ask feminists about Amy Schumer and the man she raped. According to them men can't be rape victims and female rapists can really be rape victims if they feel like they are rape victims. Welcome to wacky world of feminism where only men are rapists and women cannot possibly be rapists,no matter what. If you are a man and look at a picture of an adult woman you are a pervert and a rapist on the other hand if you are a woman who rapes a male child you are merely in a "relationship". That's right. Men are evil psycho perverts no matter what they do while women are sweet innocent angels no matter what. If you are a male feminist then this is what you support. Don't be surprised if they turn on you one day.


By The Sword said...

If the male gaze is akin to rape, and I as a male look into a mirror, am I raping myself?

Masculist Man said...

Only if a feminist is around to witness it.