Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Men of California

There is an organization that is dealing with the alimony laws in California. This organization is called The guy who put this together went through a lot anguish. In his own words:

Entering the world of marriage as a young man for the first time I had no grasp of the terms I would be legally bound to. My marriage lasted nearly 25 years. Having never experienced divorce before I never knew just how drawn out and costly this process could be. Below is a summary of my divorce journey:

Phase 1 – Taking Responsibility for my Happiness

At certain periods during my life I will often do what I call a “happiness checkpoint”. This checkpoint could pertain to where I’m living, my employer or even my marriage.


This guy is going through hell and a lot of other men are going through the same thing. Fortunately there is hope and CalAlimony is it. If you live in California and are forking over most of your paycheck to your ex wife then you'll definitely want to support this all the way.


miguel mendez said...

Thank God, I just got a divorce and the leverage for my wife was ridiculous, i feel like there was no reason for all my efforts. I fully support this initiative and attempt to contact as many persons via web that i possibly can to the cal alimony reform link. I don't want to post the link so that i am not booted for supporting this cause.

Masculist Man said...

Do you mean post a link to this site? Sure go ahead.