Thursday, June 11, 2015

Entitlement princess demands that MEN sign up to die for her

I was listening to the Rush Limbaugh show guest hosted by Eric Erickson. I use that only as a reference nothing Erickson said was a problem. It was a PSA about Selective Service, reminding men that they must sign up for Selective Service to be eligible for benefits. Guess who narrating this piece of shit? Some entitled cunt. That's right, little miss empowered who avoids responsibility at all costs is lecturing men on being responsible, "owning up" is how she put it. The only thing I can say is fuck you you spoiled little princess. Let me guess, you want men to die so you can continue to be the little narcisstic bitch that you are. You want men to die so you can be a total worthless cunt. Fuck you, you ain't worth dying for. Ordinarily I would tell you to shove it up your cunt but on this occasion I request that you turn it sideways for maximum effect.

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