Tuesday, June 30, 2015


It appears that feminists have declared war on heavy metal. Fuck that,I say we return the favor that is why we are declaring war on female groups such as Fifth Harmony. Fifth Harmony is a feminist group,they even say so. Boycott Fifth Harmony,don't buy their songs,don't go to their concerts just economically starve them. We will do this to other girl groups too. So unless feminists leave heavy metal alone their sisters will also suffer. If they don't ease up on heavy metal gate we launch Fifth Harmony gate. The ball is in your court,feminists. What is it going to be.


By The Sword said...

If men boycott chick music... Will anyone notice?

Masculist Man said...

Excellent question. If they have teen age daughters or nieces that like Fifth Harmony they can withhold money that would go toward the band. If we can get this viral and a lot of guys who like metal see it or they are just tired of feminists in general and want to participate it would go a long way at preventing future feminist harassment. That is basically what it is. Feminist harassment. Like in every war there is a line drawn and we have enforce it and the best way we can do that is financially.