Saturday, July 25, 2015

On John Russel Houser

This past week there was the Lafayette theater shooter John Russel Houser who shot up a theater full of people before turning the gun on himself. I've read some of the things he wrote and one of the things I've concluded is that this is a man who had enough. Perhaps shooting up a theater causing 11 victims-2 dead and 9 wounded was not the best way to get your frustrations out and hoping to get some sympathy. The one thing Houser wrote made me understand him better and that is:

If you are male, fight until the end, and enjoy it.People are good at what they enjoy, and your Maker would want it that way.


Regular readers of this blog know that there is a war on men in the United States and the rest of the anglosphere. When women can murder men with impunity then yes there is a war on men. When men can be dragged into court on flimsy charges by any woman then there is a war on men. Now you have men responding some in drastic fashion. With cause there is effect or for every action there is a equal reaction. People who haven't caught onto this concept are in for a rude awaking time and time again.

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