Thursday, July 16, 2015

Tell the Univeristy of Minnesota to abandon anti-male draconian practice

From SAVE Services:

The University of Minnesota President, Eric Kaler, is attempting to enact an affirmative consent policy at the school. Members of the University's Board of Regents asked him to hold off until they could review such a serious change at their next meeting. Now, the President is getting pressured into enacting the policy by media, even though affirmative consent would result in draconian and overbroad definitions of sexual assault crimes. Such definitions would require the school to call innocent students 'criminals'.Please contact President Kaler now and tell him to NOT pass an affirmative consent policy, and to instead stick with state definitions of crimes.

Call: (612) 626-1616

Or Email:

This is a good sign. They are proceeding with caution. 15-20 years ago they would be enthusiastic about a pro-feminist policy change. Hell they would be shouting it on top of roofs so that everyone could hear that they take women's complaints seriously and they didn't care if the complaints were genuine or not they just went with them. Gushing all over themselves about how sensitive they are to women's concerns. Today that is not the case. Today they are proceeding with caution and rightfully so. We are no longer sitting back and taking it. We are no longer sitting on the sidelines wondering when the misandry would end because as long as we did nothing nothing would change. We finally got fed up and decided to push back and that is when things got turned around. Men's Rights Activism works don't let anyone tell you it doesn't.


Anonymous said...

Maybe people should start writing up consent forms to sign prior to engagement or just wait till you get married...Cover your ass guys!

Masculist Man said...

I heard there was a phone app for that too. I also heard that it has feminists royally pissed off. Anything that pisses off feminists can't be all that bad.